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Backup Connection for Fibre

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Backup Connection for Fibre

Not seen this question asked or ansered so will try here before raising a ticket.

With an ADSL connection that has failed you can always revert to a PlusNet Dialup connection to regain connectivity and raise a support ticket.

With Fibre (to the cabinet) no doubt Dailup will still be available but will your old ADSL connection still be available as a backup?

Loigcally I'm thinking no as I suspect the ADSL port connectivity at the exchange is pulled?

I'm also assuming that the Fibre connection uses the existings ADSL/Phone copper pair of wires and NOT the spare pairs of wires that most houses already have?
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Re: Backup Connection for Fibre

In the FTTC cabinet there are filters on each 'port' to the DSLAM, the ADSL is left connected at the exchange and is then filtered out when it reaches the fibre cabinet, after which point the VDSL2 signal is added to the line.
So in answer to your question, your ADSL line will not be available to use as a backup. I'd imagine PN will still give you a dial-up account but I've never been in a position to need this.
You could have a second line provisioned on the spare pair in your drop/incoming cable which could be ADSL or another FTTC line.
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Re: Backup Connection for Fibre

That description is not correct...
FTTC = Fibre to the Cabinet meaning there is a fibre connection from the exchange to the cabinet. This fibre connection goes to the new bigger green boxes where the VDSL DSLAMs are fitted and all the DSLAMs share the fibre connection. A copper wire connection is made from the DSLAM in the new green cabinet to your phone line in the old green cabinet. This connection injects and receives the VDSL signals onto your existing phone line to the home to give you your broadband connection.
The older ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ uses the copper phone cable from your home to the old green cabinets and then copper phone cable back to the exchange. At the exchange there is an ADSL DSLAM which is connected to your phone line via copper cable and injects/receives the ADSL broadband signals. Note: with all ADSL based broadband connections except FTTP*,  your copper based phone line is still connected to the exchange via the old green box  for normal phone signals (voice).
* FTTP uses a new fibre connection to your home and does not use your existing phone line. This connection has very limited availability.
What FTTC does is move the DSLAM from the exchange into a cabinet closer to your house thus reducing the length of the copper cable the signal has to travel over and thus increases the speed available.
Your old ADSL connection on the copper pair is disconnected at the exchange when you change to FTTC so is no longer available.
As stated, you would need a second phone line to give you a backup connection, although this would not help if the problem is in the cabinets or back at the exchange which could take both lines out at the same time.
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Re: Backup Connection for Fibre

Quote from: Peter
Your old ADSL connection on the copper pair is disconnected at the exchange when you change to FTTC

Nope. Although you are correct in saying the ADSL is no longer available, it's not because it is disconnected at the exchange.
Quote from: BT
If it's a conversion of an existing service, then the exchange jumpering remains unchanged, a filter on the copper ties in the new FTTC cabinet stops the old sync from the exchange affecting the new VDSL signal.