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BT engineer come to check my line still no connection

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BT engineer come to check my line still no connection

Hi, quick question more than anything really.
I know the engineer has only just come today, but he tested my line confirmed my connection is not working went off to change to another pair at the half way point "green box" to see if that helps, it didnt.
He couldnt change to another pair at the exchange because there isn't any spare because its full and said he will now ask my isp "plusnet" to turn interleaving off to see if it helps but im sure that would make things worse as interleaving is ment to make the line more stable.
Also said that max premiuim to be removed from my line to see if that helps, but surely this is a fault with the line as my connection was working with both interleaving on and off also with max premium (not as well as another line i have in my house).
So my question really is, have i been waiting all week for my connection to be fixed and he didnt do much?
and just changing a few things hoping my line works isnt really fixing the underlying  problem even if it was too work?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT engineer come to check my line still no connection

Although removing interleaving can actually help in a lot of cases like this I agree that a few changes may not fix the underlying cause of the fault. However I do seriously suggest that we see if/how things improve after removing interleaving. I really can't imagine how moving you off max premium would be of any help at all though so I'll make sure that's something we don't do.
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 Adam Walker
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