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BT cancellation charge

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BT cancellation charge

I posted this on the General Chit-chat forum about two hours ago, and logging on a few minutes ago to see whether there were any replies, I noticed it had disappeared. What has happened, I don't know. Perhaps it was removed, although quite why, I couldn't say. So I shall post it here and in the General Chit-chat forum to see whether I don't have better luck this time.
This has to do with Plusnest passing on to us, the customer, a #20 cancellation charge it says it is being charged by BT (which, incidentally, now owns Plusnet, something which has not been made public in the email concerning the cancellation charge being sent to all customers. Here is the question I put to Plusnet:
"I've just read your email about the £20 'cancellation charge' being imposed by BT (of which I believe you are now part although you don't say so), and I think it needs a great deal of clarification. You point out that if a customer is migrating to another provided, requesting their MAC number to do so, the charge does not apply. However, it is not at all clear whether or not the charge applies if a contract is simply not renewed. You must clarify this because as it stands it seems likely that it would be charged under those circumstances e.g. if a customer were moving abroad and no longer wanted a broadband connection in the UK, he or she would have to pay BT £20 even though they were no longer under contract. That surely can't be right and I'm sure Ofcom would be very interest and would need to make a ruling on the matter. It would be daylight robbery to be charged even after the contract had ceased and more to the point illegal. Please clarify and confirm that the charge is only payable if I am NOT migrating and am cancelling a contract before it comes to an end"[/b
I would be interested in the views of others. The relevant point is: will we still be charged even if the contract has ended. If so, that would be illegal.
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Re: BT cancellation charge

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