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BT Test Login

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BT Test Login

I have tried the help pages but couldn't find it.
What are the BT Test Login details for troubleshooting a Plusnet connection.
The first step appears to be
    Username: bt_test_user@startup_domain
    Password: (leave blank)
and the second step
    Password: (leave blank)
I got that from
If the above is correct what is put in the second test for  username
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Re: BT Test Login

Almost right - the basic test is bt_test@startup_domain - if you are diagnosing connection issues and that connects, you can access but nothing else.
The ISP specific test is, so for PlusNet it would be
If you mean for Test 3 on the BT speed test, AFAIR the user name is speedtest@speedtest_domain
None of these requires a password, although some routers do. If yours does, just use something like "adsl1234" or your own connection password should also work.