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BT Paperless billing

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Re: BT Paperless billing

Quote from: geofftswin
Quote from: Laroc
I would like to change from BT to PN but its essential I retain my Call Display.
However, this then makes PN more expensive than BT for Option2 with a 12 month contract. (which gives free eve & weekend calls)

That settles it if PN are charging for Call Display as we currently get this for free with BT as part of their BT Privacy scheme.

I was faced with exactly this dilemma. Remember that Caller Display is only free with BT if you make 6 call/Quarter (if quarterly billed) ot 2 call/ Month (if monthly billed) Also, the BT charge of 6p/ call for connection or whatever euphimism they use to justify this NEW chage forced me away from them.
I have moved to Primus Planet Talk for my Line Renal They charge £10.49/ month for Line Rental and £0.56p for Caller display billed in ARREARS. If you ask for OPTION 2, you get FREE Evening and Weekend calls for NO charge. Call rates are 3p for UK Calls, 2.5p for USA, 3p for Spain etc. .... all inc VAT. Service is from a Call Centre in Glasgow and the 0800 phone number is answered by a real person.
PM me if you want a referral. They offer a bounty but I have never received one. I have been with them on CPS for about 3 years and for Line rental for about 3 months.
p.s. Becausr BT bill 3 months in advance, I even gor a £28 refund cheque from BT! 
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Re: BT Paperless billing

Quote from: Loombucket
I'll remember that when I next try phoning your daughter.  Wink
(this comment posted whilst running like hell from a maddened Nadger) 

Nice one  Grin