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BT Openreach profile reset request

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BT Openreach profile reset request

Can someone look at my profile and have it reset to 40 meg please. I had an engineer out today who confirms no errors on my line after a drop out yesterday, your tech advice dept has reset my profile from their end to 40 as it was at 30, yet it appears to still be locked at 30 from the BT end. If someone could look into this and ask them to reset it back to 40 it would be appreciated.
Then I can go about monitoring my connection again as the fault is still open until a stable connection is reached. It was stable for over a week at 38+ meg which has been fantastic, yet now it appears to be locked at a lower profile, although the engineer confirms it can handle +38 no problem with no errors on the line.
If someone can chase this up as I have requested it earlier today it would be appreciated.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: BT Openreach profile reset request

Hi there,
Looks like you've talked to Luke this morning and he's had a look at the profile for you? According to the test he's run it should be just short of 40Mb so upping the profile on our side (as he's done) should have sorted it for you?