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BT Openreach: be sure to complain, their monopoly is slowing the country down

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BT Openreach: be sure to complain, their monopoly is slowing the country down

I had a no-show from Openreach last Friday: we had no courtesy call and - in fact - the engineer later wrote on the system that he was unable to gain access... unfortunately for him we know this is a complete and verifiable untruth as (a) I took the morning (and then all day) off work in order to stay in for the visit (b) the door bell was checked before and after to be working and (c) the front door is glass and looks straight into the living room where I was... so even if he had walked past we would have seen him.  We have asked Plusnet to challenge the engineer by and raise this as a complaint.
Anyway... it's it looks like we are not alone and BT Openreach engineers are causing many others wasted days waiting and wasted weeks waiting for broadband set up. Be sure to escalate it as a complaint if you think you are being messed around! Look online and there is a tsunami of frustration pointed at Openreach - they need to have their monopoly broken up and passed to another provider who is able to deliver the promised service.
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Re: BT Openreach: be sure to complain, their monopoly is slowing the country down

Please tell us all exactly how you are going to 'break the monopoly up' and how the telephone infrastructure of the UK is going to be managed post break up.
How are you going to manage the multiple firms all having approved access to line cabs
How are you going to referee the arguments when one line is mucked up by one firm while mending another line.
How are you going to maintain a centralized database of which E-side and which D-side is connected to which property
how are you going to manage the centralized database of what numbered spares are available in a cab, which are faulty, which are only suitable for voice.
How are you going to manage the training and approval of the various contractors to work on telecommunication equipment - is it going to be like Gas work with a new independent certifying body.  Who is going to pay for this - you?
How are you going organize repairs to say a Junction box which covers several lines/properties. Are the individual householders going to have to form a group cooperative and hire a firm to do it, will you have to get competitive quotes in?
Who is going to manage upgrades and day to day maintenance such a telegraph pole replacements?
I agree with you the service seems rubbish from what I read online, though personally I have never experienced problems - but with broadband in the UK seemingly sold on lowest price at all cost what you do expect?