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Appears to have a router problem

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Appears to have a router problem

We appear to have a router issue it seems to drop connection whenever it feels like then takes a good 10 mins to reconnect. I know its not the filter as that is new and I know its not the phone wiring as that done about a month ago. And replaced the ADSL cable that runs to it incase it was that but the issue remains. When it looses connection it does seem to be hot on one side so was wondering if it was the router itself and if so how would I get it replaced.

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Re: Appears to have a router problem

Choices are:

1. Talk to PN and see if they will give you one for the P&P charge.

2. Buy one from PN. Not recommended.

3. Buy one from the high street or on line

4. Buy one from EBay.

If you look on the router forum you will find instructions on how to set up most popular available modem/routers.

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