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Appallingly slow download speeds - around 2500 ping

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Appallingly slow download speeds - around 2500 ping

I'm not gonna say the internet has been great but up until now it has least been serviceable.  Unfortunately around 7 pm tonight it just absolutely nosedived. 

I managed to do a speedtest after waiting about a minute for the page to load.  I had a ping of 2579, 0.06Mbps down and 0.01 Mbps up

Literally unable to do anything.  Webpages take between 20-30 seconds to load, even for simple things like Google.

I've tried restarting my modem, leaving it for a bit, then turning it on again.  Oddly enough the internet seems to go back to normal speeds for about a minute but then after that minute it goes back to painfully painfully slow again.

Didn't do anything to the phone line, router or connections.  There's no fault in my area as far as I'm aware so just wondered if people could give me some advice as to what I need to do to fix this?

I'm hoping it will resolve itself overnight but having unusable internet for an entire evening is pretty awful.

Whatever info you need please let me know and will get on that.

Thank you for whatever help you can offer

if it assists I'm using a wired connection from the Plusnet router, which is connected to the phone line through a microfilter.  Both my wired PC and any wifi devices in the house are struggling :(.  Nothing is being downloaded so there can't be anyhting using up the bandwidth that I'm aware of.

Thank you, driving me nuts


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Re: Appallingly slow download speeds - around 2500 ping

Sounds like there's some device uploading data as fast as possible. Its uploading would have been temporarily interrupted when you restarted your modem, but after a short time it continues its uploading.

I'm also guessing you're using the Plusnet Hub Zero (2704n)?

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Re: Appallingly slow download speeds - around 2500 ping

Checking the usage, there isn't anything that would suggest the upload is being used to the maximum, however we can only see hour by hour breakdowns so this wouldn't show if something was using the upload for 30 minutes and then stopped.


Next time you see this can you try disconnecting all devices, except for 1 and stop any backups/uploads from that. See if the connection looks better then.

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