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Alcatel Modem

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Alcatel Modem

Hi - you have just told us that we are being upgraded which is great.  I have the original Alcatel Modem Speed Touch USB supplied by you back in 2001.
I have obviously updated drivers as I moved from one OS to another.  I am currently using XP and the modem continues to work fine but I am guessing I will need to upgrade the modem?
I will probably go for a new PC or a Mac so if I have to buy a new modem I want to buy something that is going to be compatible with Win7 or Mac (Lion) - what do you recommend?
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Re: Alcatel Modem

If you agree to stay with PlusNet for a year (or two) they will send you a router free of charge (plus postage), you just plug that into your ethernet port (or use wireless), it should work out to be the most cost effective solution.