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Access has been sluggish........and loss of speed

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Access has been sluggish........and loss of speed

Hi all


I have noticed for might have been the past few days sluggish responses on web page access and a tad of buffering watching youTube.


I checked the BT Wholesale speed test and got this:-

D/L 2.58 (used to be >3)
IP Profile 3.47 (fairly sure this was a little higher)  NB on PN my current line here  speed is 3.4 !

U/L 0.29 (this for sure was higher!)
IP Profile 0.83

My Router reports connection speed 3936 kbps i.e. 3.9Mbps


The Gateway has changed (sorry did not record what it was) and is now one I have never heard of gateway psb-bng04

So what gives........................I have had a very long period of decent >3Mbps connection but not by comparison for me bumping along on something like 500 to 700kbps less.

Not good Sad

Any insight and feedback would be much appreciated Smiley


PS not a most recent BT test but this is the sort of level I have enjoyed:-

  1. Best Effort Test: -provides background information.

Download  Speed


3.55 Mbps





0 Mbps

4 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed


 Download speed achieved during the test was - 3.55 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds  is 1.2 Mbps-4 Mbps.
 IP Profile for your line is - 3.59 Mbps

  1. Upstream Test: -provides background information.

Upload Speed


0.67 Mbps





0 Mbps

0.83 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed


Upload speed  achieved during the test was - 0.67Mbps
 Additional Information:
 Upstream Rate IP profile on your line is - 0.83 Mbps


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Re: Access has been sluggish........and loss of speed

Looking over your line, the profile dropped down towards the end of November. This may have been due to a few disconnections or errors on the line, it increased again on the 16th however as you've been connected continuously since before this increase the speeds haven't come through to you yet.

Try a single disconnect/reconnect of the router and you should see an improvement.

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Posts: 441
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Re: Access has been sluggish........and loss of speed

Hi Chris 


Thanks for the reply and checking my connection Smiley


I will do a discon/recon later today and post back with the results.


Edit ~ looks like there was a reconnection sometime since I posted the OP as now on gateway psb-bng01

Edit2 ~ FWIW  I have rerun the BT speedtester and now I get:-

D/L 3.54

U/L 0.83

I wonder if as the system did a discon/recon whether I need to do one (again) myself as these figures are much more like I was getting & should be getting Smiley  Oh, no idea why but I could not get the BT speedtester diagnostics to show!

Though my IP profile on PN still shows as a mismatch from actual speed vs IP figure, a PN reset perhaps???