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For the past few weeks the BT Broadband Checker has been saying that ADSL2+ will be available on my line from 23 Oct 2018.


I checked my modem this morning and the line sync has increased from 8 Mbps to 19 Mbps, but if I do a speed test I still see a throughput of around 6.5 Mbps, the same as I was getting before.


Does something else need to happen before I can take advantage of the faster speeds available?


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Re: ADSL2+


Welcome to the forums.

Plusnet may need to change the speed shown here to allow you to see the higher speeds.

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Re: ADSL2+

Have you tried switching your router off for 5 minutes then back on to see if it picks up at the faster speed?

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Re: ADSL2+


Hi @Jim_R ,


Upon investigating your line we've noticed that the profile for your service was set too low, which is why you were noticing those slow speeds.


We've changed the profile to reflect the ADSL2+ infrastructure now in place in your area and a quick reboot of the router should get you onto those higher speeds.


For reference, your speed estimates on ADSL2+ are 8 to 19.5mbps.


Please let us know if you need anything else at all.