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ADSL connection through Fibre socket?

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ADSL connection through Fibre socket?

Hi All

I've searched the forums for an answer to this but can't find anyone else asking the question (probably because it's a stupid question!)

I'm moving house in about 6 weeks and the new house already has a BT Fibre socket installed (my keen eyes picking up on the important things during the viewing).

My question is can I have a normal ADSL connection through said Fibre socket?

I haven't decided yet which product I will go for when confirming the move.


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Re: ADSL connection through Fibre socket?

The services available at your new property will be listed at Click on the address checker if you do not know the phone number in use there.

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Re: ADSL connection through Fibre socket?

If you mean fibre to the premises, as shown at the bottom of this link then no you can't get normal broadband down it, but you would have a normal phone socket as well you could use for normal broadband.

Fibre to the cabinet (the more normal sort) doesn't have a special socket as it uses the existing old copper wire from the cabinet to your home.

If the property had an engineer install then it will have a master socket like this which can be used for normal ADSL or FTTC.