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A weird disconnection problem

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A weird disconnection problem

OK all you internet people let’s see if you can help with this problem as it’s got me and my son baffled.
We have a standard ADSL 2+ internet connection with Plusnet, in the past we have had major problems with our line because it’s old, a mix of aluminium and copper and a rural line. However for the past year or so everything has been fine and we have had a reasonable around 6 Meg connection.
Tonight we have discovered a problem that seems absurd; it makes no sense at all. It happens like this, if we receive an incoming phone call and hang up at the end or make an outgoing call, even just going off hook and pressing 0, the modems ADSL and internet lights will show a disconnect and immediate reconnect.
We briefly loose the connection to the internet for a few seconds while the modem is busy, but, and this is what makes no sense, the modem logs show no disconnection, Routerstats shows no disconnection and the modem stats page shows the modem has been connected continually for some 37 days without a break.
We have tested this with both a Cordless and a corded phone both give the same result. We have a BT installed splitter/filter box so no need for separate filters, no extensions, and no flashing Christmas lights. A quiet line test is quiet as I would expect.
The modem is a Netgear DGN 2200 V1 (replaced this year as the old one suffered overheating, this one does not). We have not upgraded the firmware on this one to the new Genie version as we had problems with it on the old model that overheated so left it at the standard version
I don’t expect Plusnets logs will show anything (standard Eve reply ‘The Logs Show Nothing’ lol), but if someone could have a look it would be appreciated. The disconnects should show around 9:45 to 10:15 this evening and should total around 5 to 6 for our tests.
Anyone else that could supply help please do, I’m off to bed now and will check back in the morning so no rush, many thanks, P.
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Re: A weird disconnection problem

Interesting post,