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83 year old mother-in-law first sign up - not happy experience!

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83 year old mother-in-law first sign up - not happy experience!

I have helped my 83 year old mother-in-law to sign up for broadband and a change of phone provider. I myself am a customer of Zen Internet and, frankly, am used to a far higher level of service than my mother-in-law has received with me trying to assist. In case anyone asks, she wanted to save money so Zen's charges were too high for her.

To keep things short the main issues have been: -
1) Initially card payment not accepted and my mother-in-law's card was cancelled by her bank. I had to pay for her and my card (with the same bank) was accepted.
2) Eventually the order moved ahead but an email casually dropped in that she would be issued with a new phone number which she had not requested after 40 years on the same number!
3) I ring to have the original number reinstated. 30 minute hold to be told the order would have to start again.

4) Email and SMS notifications have since conflicted over whether there is a 'problem with the order' or whether things are going ahead smoothly.
5) Phone eventually sorted but answerphone is in place when none was requested.
6) Still no broadband and this takes another week .
7) Router has still not arrived. One message says it's in the system to be sent at some point after today whilst another area of the message centre says no router was requested.

I don't know if the broadband will actually work but I plan to install an old ADSL router of my own and then we'll just see if another turns up.

The whole PlusNet experience has been convoluted, confusing and frustrating - even for an experienced user like myself.
Just for the record, many order issues at Zen are sorted by the person you are calling as you wait on the phone. Where they are dependent on BT there are obviously delays but the call centre experience is much shorter and when you get through you feel as if someone really understands your problem and it's going to receive full and prompt attention. 

I do hope that my experience is not typical.

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Re: 83 year old mother-in-law first sign up - not happy experience!

Unfortunately, because Plusnet have gone on a race to the bottom on prices with TalkTalk, their support has done the same.

We keep getting promises it will get better (and they are recruiting more staff) but it never does.

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Re: 83 year old mother-in-law first sign up - not happy experience!

Thanks for this, although it's a sad reflection of what transpires when companies embark on price wars. I had a vague hope that PlusNet might be good for my mother-in-law and be a cost effective way of introducing her to the Internet, which she has so far resisted. It also means that when we visit her we can help with other issues such as utility bills and sort out financial matters in her presence.

I'm sure Zen will suffer in the same way if they get too big but if that happens I will simply move to another of the excellent small providers. These days quality of customer care over Broadband matters and we should all be prepared to pay a little more for it in relation to other services.