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5 days and no answer from support team

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5 days and no answer from support team

I am getting fed up here with how slow Plus net is dealing with our problem.
-We are having to reboot the router many times in one day as the internet just disappears from all connected devices despite the green light showing on the router for internet... it's like it's dropping the IP address for all wired and wireless devices when adapter settings on PC is checked, the gateway IP vanish.
- Also we are having issues with upload on the connection. If I was gaming and I open a browser with multiple tabs or any other device on the network use the internet my latency would immediately spike up, this is easily replicated. I am certain it's the upload and not the download as the game  only uses 100-150 Kbs to communicate with the servers and downloading seems to be ok.
We are using the Thompson router on the unlimited adsl package.
Can anyone here  please help....
Meanwhile I will in queue on the phone trying to see if someone could nudge it !!! They said max of 72 hours and it's been 5 days already :-(
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 5 days and no answer from support team

Hi there,
Sorry for you wait, I can see that our faults team have diagnosed that the router may be at fault and have dispatched a new one for you.
It may be worht trying a factory reset of your current router in the meantime to see if that helps.