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4 weeks and no broadband again !!

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Registered: ‎30-12-2012

4 weeks and no broadband again !!

1 month ago I reported a fault with my broadband connection, normally it runsa at around 38meg, but over the weekend it slowed to a crawl. I was unable to browse past the home page. At first I was told there was nothing wrong with the connection, and after spending an hour on the phone carrying out various connection tests and restarting the router it was decided the line would be tested. The results were inconclusive, line speed was good but browsing of web pages wasn't possible. My PC's are not the cause as they are fine on my virginmedia connection. An openreach engineer came out on the 5th of July and repaired a minor fault on the line but this made no difference. This has gone on for almost 4 weeks and I was informed that a cease and reprovide order had been placed and should complete on the 23rd.
Yesterday (23rd) I noticed the DSL light was out on the Openreach modem and is still out today, so I no longer have a broadband connection at all! it has been 1 month since I first reported a fault and all that has happened is it has become worse. Come on!! this has gone on for far too long now, and this is the 2nd time I have been without broadband for 4 weeks since I switched to plusnet 9 months ago. Not very good!  Angry
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 4 weeks and no broadband again !!

I've just chased this with our faults team and received the latest notes on the escalation from our suppliers. There's a full update on the ticket, but basically they want to arrange an engineer visit in order to reprovide the service so if you could let us know when you'd be available for this we'll get it booked in and get things moving again.
Really sorry this is going on so long.