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Is all the `tracking` necessary ?

« Reply #16 on 27/02/2010, 01:39 »

I did notice something interesting eartlier.

When I go on PlusNet`s HOME page, then like with most pages, I do get a `Privacy Report` icon at the bottom
of my screen.

When I double click on it, this is what it says :


Based on your privacy settings, some cookies were restricted or blocked.

Website with content on the current page :

http://ad-emea.doubleclick.net/activity:src=143170        blocked

Underneath it then states thus :

To view a site`s privacy summary, select an item in the list, and then click Summary.

So I selected the ad-emea.doubleclick item  -  and then clicked on Summary.
Unfortunately it is not possible to copy and paste the info that is contained in that summary.

I dont profess to know anything about  ad-emea.doubleclick.net/   -   but sufficient is it to say that one of my
excellent Security programmes deems it risky enough to have `blocked` it.
I`m not even sure which of my programmes has done this -  but the 2 most likely ones are :

SpywareBlaster     (I do know it wont tolerate double-click)  lol



The `block` is NOT preventing my useage being monitored, but obviously it is blocking whatever else
ad-emea.doubleclick.net/    may or may not do.

When I get more time I`ll do abit of research on it.
Meantime, I`m sure others on here might have more knowledge than me lol     Grin

« Reply #17 on 27/02/2010, 01:53 »

Just out of curiosity I thought I would check out Yahoo.
Unbelieveable, whilst my prog(s)  block 59 such items !!   including :  ad-emea.doubleclick.net/

Thank goodness there are so many excellent programmes available to deal with all these.

It just feels like our PCs  (once connected to the internet)  are like a window into our world........
and no end of people are out there peering in without our permission.

I often wondered why Microsoft called their software :  W I N D O W S     (heehee)   Grin

`Not paranoid - but NOT dumb either`

SEARCH :   http://ad-emea.doubleclick.net/

Privacy Policy  (below)

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« Reply #18 on 27/02/2010, 09:08 »
...and strictly speaking one should have a licence in order to use iPlayer  (or so TV Licencing people say)

Only if one is watching at the same time as the programme is being broadcast.

Computers are wonderful - if anything goes wrong then no one is to blame.

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« Reply #19 on 27/02/2010, 09:10 »
you and your paranoia.

Doubleclick has nothing to do with PN, it is from one of the other dodgy web sites you have been looking at

Some cookies are desirable, PN use one for you to store the results of you mybroadbank speed tests

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« Reply #20 on 27/02/2010, 10:13 »
I don't use the various spyware cookie blocking software because I use Firefox.
That may seem a little odd but I have two things in my favour AdblockPlus stops most if not all advertising popups and I have set Firefox to ask every time in relation to cookies. Unlike IE8 Firefox has 3 options for cookies - accept, block and session. Unless I really want a site to keep records (such as this one with autologin) I block them but occasionally a site won't work without a cookie and in that case I opt for a session cookie which is automatically deleted when I close Firefox.
Whenever I do a check with Superantispyware it doesn't find anything.
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Old Harry Rocks
« Reply #21 on 27/02/2010, 10:24 »

Hello Pierre.

I would need to beg to differ with that opinion.

The Privacy Policy icon that comes up at the foot of my screen, ONLY comes up on pages where my
Security programme (probably SpywareBlaster)  needs to alert me that something has been blocked.

I had already run Ccleaner and cleaned out all cookies.
When I go to PlusNet Home page thats when that icon alerts me   (but it doesnt appear, for example,
on the forum pages)      but appears again, if (for example)  I was to now go to Yahoo.

Same on both Yahoo and PlusNet`s home page ;   that cookie is blocked as a spyware item.

I have used SpywareBlaster for many years and I know full well how they work and what they block,
and they do list it as spyware and block it.

Unless, like me, you have SpywareBlaster, or an equally good programme that blocks it, then you
wont fully be able to see what I am saying here.

Thanks OldJim for your input also.
Actually you`ve probably hit the nail on the head when you mention FireFox.
I do use I.E.  but that said, Ive never had any problems with I.E. because I have 3 anti-spyware programmes
I know how they work, they`re very good, and they`ve always protected me.
You, and many others in contrast find that Firefox and their ad-blocks do the same job.

I guess we all have our favs when it comes to browsers.
I particularly find I.E. easy regards the favourites list, and have more probs trying to work out how the others
work   (I`m security concious, but not over techie lol)

« Reply #22 on 27/02/2010, 11:40 »

McAfee Site Advisor :

On the right hand side of the above site (and almost at the foot of the page)
you can check out any website you want by inserting the url into the check-box.

PlusNet report

Someone did however post the comment below :

The link will speak for itself.

Whether that is why my Security programmes blocks the cookie I mentioned, I do NOT know.
I therefore make NO judgement here, I`m just merely pointing it out in case the info is useful /
important etc.

I have attempted to read the `spamhaus.org` report, but I CANT make head or tail of it, other
than it appears that various groups use legitimate websites in order to send spam.
Please bear with my limited understanding - others, more techy might understand it all better
than I    Embarrassed

In the meantime I have submitted :   ad-emea.doubleclick.net/    to McAfee`s Site Advisor team
for analysis.

« Reply #23 on 27/02/2010, 11:52 »
I can answer in relation to one of the Spamhaus reports
It states at the top Found 2 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of plus.net which is wrong as it actually refers to sites hosted  on Plusnet including this one

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Old Harry Rocks
« Reply #24 on 27/02/2010, 12:35 »

I suspected someone might be able to offer an answer.
There`s always someone more in the know that I am lol.
Thanks for that.
Does this pose any risks ?

I think sometimes what many ppl fail to understand is that websites
do have `third parties`  and therefore it isnt always one particular website
that causes problems but rather they can be caused from third party sites /partners
etc etc.

Even though Pierie  used the word `paranoia`  (and yes I forgive him cause I`m never nasty
to anyone)   I think the McAfee link was most telling.

According to McAfee Site Advisor,
PlusNet have connections to various 3rd parties
including :

AND :  doubleclick.net

As can be seen McAfee Site Advisor rates them all as `green sites`  (aka: SAFE sites)
An individual check on the first 7 of those would appear to justify the SAFE rating.

However, and although McAfee also includes `doubleclick.net` as a SAFE site.....
User reviews tell an entirely different story.

In the absence of any other explanation I can only assume that is why my own Security
programme includes :  ad-emea.doubleclick.net/     as an UN-safe cookie to have.

So far from being paranoid, there is an explanation obviously for why that is blocked.
SpywareBlaster has been around for a long time, and its a highly rated programme,
and differentiates well between what constitutes good or bad.

Ive just learned to take all the paranoia slurs with a pinch of salt now.
I tend to give ppl leaway because maybe they`ve not checked things out as much as I
have - or might be relatively new to the net even -  so I just try to smile and carry on lol.   Grin

I do have to say, having now got to almost the end of my first week on PlusNet, I am happy
with their service so far.    Connection was very easy, speed is fine (best I can expect due
to where I`m located)   so no complaints on those. 

As for this particular thread, and indeed others, I think ppl are just more aware nowadays
about all forms of tracking /privacy issues online, and of course, those who dont read about it
throw that little word paranoid /paranoia a little more freely than it deserves.

« Reply #25 on 27/02/2010, 12:53 »
I have just checked all the Plusnet related cookies on my computer and doubleclick.net isn't there and isn't anywhere else either
The reference to Doubleclick is "Doubleclick Spotlight" which appears to be tracking people clicking on advertising links although something is wrong with Google when I search for it as the links are blocked by Kaspersky I believe
Disabled Kaspersky to get the information
What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is an optional tagging feature in DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Advertisers place Spotlight tags on web pages where they want to record user activity. When a user views or clicks an ad, then later performs a Spotlight activity on an advertiser's web page, DoubleClick Ad Exchange records the activity as either a post-impression activity or post-click activity.

There are two types of Spotlight tags:

    * Counter tag: Tracks the volume of user actions
    * Sales tag: Tracks the amount of revenue resulting from user actions.

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Old Harry Rocks
« Reply #26 on 27/02/2010, 13:48 »

Cashless shopping has already been tested in Germany.

Find in strange that it's being tested in Germany as the Germans preference is for cash. Most outlets do not accept credit cards, I was held as security in a petrol station while my friend went to find a cash point as the station did not accept Visa or Master Charge
« Reply #27 on 27/02/2010, 15:25 »

user deleted

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« Reply #28 on 27/02/2010, 15:37 »

Hi OldJim,

when you checked your cookies did you just check for  doubleclick.net ?
or did you check for :  ad-emea.doubleclick.net/   as well ?

Its the latter of those that my security programme was showing.

Someone else just suggested to me to use Firefox, and then get

So I`ve tested that out on my older PC - and I went on PlusNet`s Home
page (using FireFox), and admittingly it DIDNT put up any warnings.

I`m now tending to believe that its maybe only because  doubleclick.net
is somehow associated with PlusNet....   then it might be leading programmes
like SpywareBlaster to be abit sensitive. 
Certainly doesnt appear to be anything with PlusNet itself.

« Reply #29 on 27/02/2010, 16:12 »
Unfortunately and unless ppl are made aware of it, then they only hear about RFID here in the UK, and even
some of my friends say: `it will never happen`  but when you start to run a SEARCH on RFID Europe, or

You must live in a technology free zone.  Cheesy The Oyster Card is a RFID card and Barclaycard have been doing a combined credit card Oyster card for several years. They now have morphed this to include the contactless payment system.

As for Germany fingerprinting system only 150,000 are using it .
« Reply #30 on 27/02/2010, 16:29 »
Whoops - I just found one which I was certain I didn't have before.
I don't now - that is another advantage of Firefox it is easy to delete individual cookies
That is odd as it shouldn't accept third party cookies.
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Old Harry Rocks
« Reply #31 on 27/02/2010, 17:35 »
OK a bit of history for WildRose

the following
PlusNet have connections to various 3rd parties
including :


You will see from my sig that I am on Free-Onliine

The origins of PlusNet are that they were originall Force9  i.e F9  and they then started up the blanket company Plusnet, but kept the original off shoot.  My one Free-online was indeed free and dial up, PN got all there money from the phone companies.  That was also kept as a brand name and still is for me although I have long been on broadband and paying

Metronet and Madfasafish are more recent companies that PN manage, as well as some others that came from the John Lewis organization, i.e. Waitrose.   With that they also got the JL call centre in Durban SA. up to then the only call centre thay had was in Sheffield.  You take a choice with the 0845 number, you may get Sheffield or Durban.  If you want Sheffield call 0114 296 5188.

The PN preferred speed tester is Mybroadband which runs the Okla Engine, the server for that is in PN's data switch in London, They also have a direct link to the BBC Web pages to improve the actions of for Instance I Player

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You dont have to be mad to understand what PN are up to, but it helps
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