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PlusNet Web Mail

« on 06/07/2007, 12:02 »
Is there any way of using the (very basic) PlusNet Webmail with out having to enter a security code every time I wish to send an email?

Finding it a tad annoying!

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« Reply #1 on 06/07/2007, 13:23 »
Are you using it from a non PlusNet connection?

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« Reply #2 on 06/07/2007, 14:04 »
The security check is only enforced from non-PN IPs. It is to stop the possibility of automated bots using webmail to send spam and is a vital security measure.
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« Reply #3 on 06/07/2007, 14:26 »
So no way of by-passing it then when away from home.

It's a very annoying addition to the webmail ...... especially when i guess that (like me) most people use the webmail when away from their own PN connection.
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