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Unexplained usage - 1.0GB spike

« Reply #16 on 15/06/2008, 13:01 »
Have you looked at your account usage tables?  If you have notched up some traffic on days when e.g. your machine and router were completely switched off because you were on hols, then that would indicate that something has gone wrong with the recording of your traffic.
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« Reply #17 on 15/06/2008, 14:02 »
As I have a similar problem and I regard myself as a low user, I am surprised that I have nearly downloaded 1GB this month considering I only came on line on or after the 24th of May 2008 when previously my average monthly usage was under 500mg per month.  Are we being ripped off regarding or is this a server error.  How can i go about getting a breakdown of my usage?

Trying to raise a support question on this is totally ridiculous as all I do is go around in circles due to the unfriendliness of the website.  Its easier to find hen's teeth in the desert.  Obviously they do not want you querying this abnormality therefore make it as difficult as possible for you to raise a question.  I can't even find out how to go about terminating the account.

The steps to raise a question on this are as follows:

1) Log on to the Member Centre as usual
2) Click Help & Support
3) Click Help Assistant
4) Click [ More ] under the My Broadband Connection section
5) Click the 10th query in the list "I have a Query about My Broadband Usage"
6) Type your query into the box and click Send to submit it.

It is recognised that on many (most?) occasions the Help Assistant fails miserably to fulfil its intended purpose. The prototype of an "intelligent" revision of this was shown at the recent Open Day and my impression was that those who tried it were impressed. Hopefully that will be released soon.
« Reply #18 on 15/06/2008, 14:22 »
try reading this thread from the start, it isnt long and your questions have already been answered and the action you can take complete with simple links
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« Reply #19 on 16/06/2008, 21:30 »
Thanks for getting me to the question area.  Is there an independent program that one can download that will monitor your usage without being intrusive?
« Reply #20 on 16/06/2008, 22:00 »
Have you looked at your router stats and data info.  Depending on the make/model it may show input/output rates as well as total bytes in/out.
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« Reply #21 on 16/06/2008, 23:25 »
Is there an independent program that one can download that will monitor your usage without being intrusive?

You could try DUMeter or NetMonitor

Remember that they only tally usage for the machine they're installed on and not accross your entire network so, for example, if someone was hijacking your wireless it wouldn't show. 
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« Reply #22 on 17/06/2008, 04:10 »
Depending on your modem/router you may be able to flashed the manufacturer's firmware with DD-WRT firmware. I've flashed my Linksys WRT54G router with it and I gain many more functions than the supplied firmware. One being a log of the WAN traffic, see below. This is being recorded by the router itself so do not have the same problems as stated above running external software. The few days that I have been running the log it is generally reporting 1 to 10MB less than PN but I put this down to dropped packets by the NAT/Firewall not being counted by the router.

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« Reply #23 on 17/06/2008, 07:56 »
This has happened to me loads of times, I have no faith in the reporting systems at Plusnet.

I am fed up with complaining which is why I am considering a move to BBYW2 so that my limit goes from 2gb to 15gb per month, unfortunately it will probably be at the expense of performance.

« Reply #24 on 17/06/2008, 10:27 »
I am a low broadband user, less than 1GB a month.  I had a "spike" on my usage on 24/05/08 (during free time) of 130MB according to Plusnet but I know I didn't use it, I normally use under 30MB daily.  I run NetMeter in parallel and this did not record the "spike", all other data for my month's usage is comparable.  I have only one PC on my system, and full encryption.  I did not see the point of raising a ticket because the usage was in free time anyway.!!
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« Reply #25 on 17/06/2008, 10:58 »
Hi Onlyme,

The problem with Netmeter/DUmeter is that they only report usage on your computer.  We record all of your uploads and downloads on your connection, which is what hits your router and not just your computer.  There is nothing to say that your router was not sending or receiving a spurious level of traffic and if your connection was not secure, then Netmeter would not report any of this usage.
« Reply #26 on 17/06/2008, 11:28 »
Thanks, Jameseh.

I appreciate what you say, I am not complaining, merely reporting my minor problem in case it is of interest to other users or Plusnet.  I have taken all possible steps to secure my wireless connection so if my router is sending and receiving spurious data, then the only cure would be to turn it off when my PC is not in use?
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« Reply #27 on 17/06/2008, 11:41 »

I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it happens again.  As you say, it was during off peak, so shouldn't be of any massive concern and generally I'd advocate leaving your router switched on at all times.
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