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No live video for webcam.

« Reply #16 on 23/01/2012, 17:41 »
The add-on was an ActiveX control from Vivotek Inc.  I cannot remember exactly what it called itself but the actual file used by IE9 is RtspVapgDecoderNew.dll .

Perhaps your browser it set to reject ActiveX? 
« Reply #17 on 23/01/2012, 17:46 »
Just to add to what @ReedRichards has mentioned if you are using IE9 you'd mostly likely see a prompt for active x appear near the address bar at the top of the screen when trying to view that webcam feed.
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« Reply #18 on 23/01/2012, 21:07 »
Thanks for the reply.One last question on this subject.Is Active X safe to Install on my computer/laptop?

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ActiveX is already on your laptop; the ability to run ActiveX programs is embedded in Internet Explorer (and some other Windows programs, I think).  By default, Internet Explorer will seek your permission to run ActiveX applications.  So the question is, "Is the ActiveX application safe to run"?  I've never heard of VivoTek inc. and I have not had to install such a control to view other live webcam feeds so I would say it all seems a bit fishy, but it may be legit.
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« Reply #20 on 24/01/2012, 01:50 »
VivoTek (based in Taiwan) supply network cameras; presumably the one installed in Dawlish Warren is one of theirs.

The ActiveX control required by IE9 is for Real Time Streaming Protocol MPEG4SP Control. There are reports that the control might exhibit a buffer overrun vulnerability. The current version seems to be which is later than the ones reported ( though I've seen no indication that the problem is fixed.

If one assumes the Dawlish Warren website is reputable the control should be safe to use on that site but, unless you regard that site as reputable, I would be wary of allowing it to run elsewhere. (I think by default IE9 will ask for permission before using it elsewhere.)

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