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Terms & Conditions of Plusnet's YouView TV Trial

2013 at 17:40 by Peter Jackson

About the Trial

1. Plusnet is currently trialling TV channel content using YouView set-top boxes. A limited number of places are available for Fibre broadband customers to take part in these Trials.


2. You must be a current paying subscriber of Plusnet Fibre Unlimited broadband.
3. You will need a HD compatible TV to watch HD channels.
4. You will need a FreeView compatible aerial.
5. We will provide the service at the address we have agreed with you.

Joining the Trial:

6. Entry to the Beta TV Trial is by invitation only and available places on the Trial are limited.
7. By agreeing to join the Trial there is no obligation to purchase TV services either during or after the Trial period.
8. No charge will be made either for the set-top box or TV content during the Trial period.
9. In taking part in the Trial you understand this is an assessment service. No service guarantee is provided and we retain the right to withdraw TV services at any time during the Trial.

Quality of the product and service:

10. You accept that the service is being developed. We do not guarantee that the product or service is free from faults. You agree to report any faults to us promptly. We will try to repair any faults you report within a reasonable timescale.
11. We aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service but we do not guarantee either the quality of the service or that the service will be available at all times. From time to time faults in the service may occur. We will repair these faults as soon as we can.
12. Although we take precautions, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the interactive content that we provide to you, including the Electronic Programme Guide. The content may not be suitable for viewing or use by persons of all ages. For this reason, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content viewed or used is suitable for those viewing or using it (including children). We are not responsible for this.

What we will provide:

13. We will provide you with a Humax YouView set-top box which will come with a 10m cable to connect to your Plusnet router.
14. We may provide you with connecting equipment such as Power Line Adaptors where available, to assist you to connect the set-top box to your Plusnet router.
15. We will send the set-top box and connecting equipment by Parcel Force or similar delivery services to arrive with you up to 7 days after we have notified you of acceptance to the Trial.  We will not be able to specify or guarantee a particular delivery date or time.
16. The set-top box and connecting equipment will remain the property of Plusnet during the Trial. Please retain all packaging and contents.

When the trial starts:

17. The Trial will be for a minimum of 3 months or for such other period as Plusnet may determine from the date of your being sent your TV set top box and equipment, where applicable.
18. You might not receive the Trial TV channels immediately after setting up the provided equipment; however you will be able to watch all FreeView and catch-up content.
19. We will check what router you are using and may need to contact you to provide you with a different one, or update its software remotely, before Trial TV channels will work.

Confidential Information:

20. You agree to keep in confidence any information (whether written or oral) of a confidential nature obtained under this agreement and will not disclose that information to anyone other than those we agree without our consent. This obligation of confidentiality continues indefinitely after the end of the trial.
21. It is essential that you keep information relating to your participation in the Trial confidential. In addition to the declaration set out in this document you must not:

a. Disclose to anyone else any information, experience, images, content or details relating to your participation in the Trial;
b. Write any comments on the internet, including any social networking sites, relating to your participation in the Trial unless it is on the dedicated trial forum;
c. Take or share any photographs of your YouView Box, the YouView user interface or of any other materials provided to you in connection with the Trial;
d. Share your login details to the YouView Trials website with anyone else; or
e. Allow anyone else, other than the people you live with, to use your YouView Box or to view any materials provided to you in connection with the Trial.

22. These restrictions apply both during your participation in the Trial and afterwards, including after the termination of these Terms and Conditions.
23. You will immediately notify us if you become aware that the information referred to in paragraphs 20 and/or 21 has been disclosed and that information may be put to unauthorised use.


24. You confirm that no one in your immediate family and/ or living in your primary residence is:

a) Working in any capacity for any company that would reasonably be considered to be competitor to Plusnet in the UK, and/or
b) Involved in analysis, design, research or consultancy work for the same.

25. This includes but is not limited to companies involved in the YouView partnership, telephony, broadband, and/or audio visual content in either the wholesale or retail market.
26. If during the trial, it comes to our attention that you have misrepresented yourself contrary to paragraphs  24 and/or 25, or you have been responsible for a breach under paragraph 20 and/or paragraph 21 we will immediately terminate your trial service. In such cases we may take further action to recover any losses we may have suffered or are likely to incur in the future as a consequence of your breach.
27. Your entry into this trial and acceptance of these terms and conditions indicates that you are fully compliant with paragraph 26.

Other people in the household

28. If you allow someone else who you live with to use your YouView Box, you must make them aware of these Terms and Conditions, including the confidentiality obligations, and you will be responsible for ensuring that they comply.  We might want to speak to other people who you live with and who have had access to the YouView Box during the trial. We will only do so by getting appropriate prior permission to do so.

Our responsibility to you:

29. We accept responsibility if you are injured or die as a result of our negligence. We will not limit this responsibility.
30. We also accept responsibility for loss or damage to your physical property arising from our negligence. We will pay up to £1 million in any 12-month period for this loss or damage.
31. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the product or service will never be faulty. We have no obligation to compensate you for financial loss, for data being lost or corrupted, or for any loss that could not have been reasonably foreseen (expected).
32. Unless paragraph 29 and/or paragraph 30 apply, we will not pay you more than £10,000 in compensation (even if we have been negligent) in any 12-month period.

During the Trial:

33. We will send you emails occasionally as part of the trial, to ask for your opinion of the service, provide simple instruction for tests we want you to make and to ask for your feedback. Your participation in following these instructions and completing the surveys is required as part of the Trial, otherwise we reserve the right to end your participation in the Trial and request you return the provided set-top box and any provided connectivity equipment to us.
34. Each of the emails will link to a short online survey for you to complete. Feedback you give in the surveys will be used only within Plusnet, to assess the TV service.
35. If you have any problems, either when setting up the equipment or during the Trial, you can ask for help from our dedicated TV Support Team using the link
36. Support for your set-top box during the Trial will be available only through this online link. No support will be provided via the phone support centre. Support for your other Plusnet services are not affected by this limitation.


37. You can choose to opt out of the Trial and return the equipment we have sent you at any point during the trial, without obligation.
38. You must remain a paying subscriber of Plusnet Fibre broadband during the trial. If you cancel or your Plusnet Fibre broadband connection is otherwise terminated during the Trial, then the Trial will end and you must return the provided set-top box and any provided connectivity equipment to us.
39. You should contact us using to notify us of any change in circumstances that means you don’t want to or can’t continue with the Trial.
40. We’ll arrange to pick up your equipment at a convenient date and time for you if you want to return it.

At the end of the Trial:

41. We will notify you by email not later than two weeks before the end of the Trial.
42. At the end of the Trial, to continue to use the TV service you will need to become a paying customer of the TV service. You may optionally choose to pay for the set-top box, the TV content or both. We will notify you with details on how to do this at the end of the Trial period.
43. Alternatively, you can choose to return the provided set-top box and connectivity equipment to us.

Returning the TV equipment:

44. Where we have provided you with equipment you agree to return it to us if we ask you to.
45. You should contact us using to notify us if you want to return the provided equipment.
46. We’ll arrange to pick up your equipment at a convenient date and time for you if you want to return it.

Using the service:

47. The service is intended for home use only. Any content provided as part of the service and any recordings of such content should only be viewed in the private household or dwelling to which the service is registered. You must not:

a. make unauthorized or unlawful recordings of any content provided via the service; or
b. reproduce any recording made using the set-top box; or
c. re-distribute or re-broadcast any content provided via the service; or
d. display any content in retail, business or commercial premises or for any business or commercial purpose.


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