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2009 at 11:15 by Peter Jackson

This page shows the results of our regular polls. The current poll is displayed on the home page (below the Tech News section).



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33 comments on "Polls Archive"


cannot see how to post an answer to any of the polls.


That's because they're all old, expired polls.


In the last few weeks,Plusnet got harder to find what you want quickly. You're making things more complicated.



Dave, I'm sorry to hear that you are finding things harder to find - of course that would be the exact opposite of what we are trying to do. It would help us a lot if you could let us know what it is you were trying to find, and whereabouts.

We put a lot of thought into navigation and search. Being able to find what you're looking for is extremely important to us and getting that right is always as high a priority as the actual content we put online.


It says "End date : No expiry"

Just thought I would point that out.


Ooh. Yes.


OK .. I give up, how do we take part in a poll?

@sgbirch Good call, I've added a paragraph at the top of the page directing readers to the current poll on the home page of the Community site.


would like to ask the question
changing to windows vista and do not require wireless, will modem 105 dsl work without additional hardware
if this is not the right place to ask then your site is not use friendy-or i am stpid

Bob Milton

I have been looking at the results for some of the polls.
I notice that the response from customers is very low.
Do you have any suggestions to improve the numbers.
Maybe the requests for our opinion are not easily seen. Perhaps they are missed by people who use bookmarks to get to where they want.
At least if the customer has opted for status emails, perhaps something could be used along those lines.

How long will the present poll be going on for? It stated on 6th June according to the info above. With only 67 responses can any conclusions be drawn?


@Arthur Mody

We'll be updating the poll in the next day or two.


In the context of the PlusNet community I thinks the polls are a good idea.

However, I personally have become utterly sick of being asked to complete online surveys for online companies and websites.

I am left with the impression that customers are being asked to do the company's work for them as unpaid researchers. These surveys often relate to the use of the websites.

Perhaps if companies made it easier (or in some cases even posible) to contact them via email, they would not need to carry out so many surveys. They would find out what the customer issues are.

It is often impossible to find a way of contacting a company by email from their website. They do all they can to prevent this. Try visiting the Symantec website and finding a way of emailing them!

[...] we held a vote on our Community Site asking you which websites you visit most often. More than a quarter of you said that Facebook was [...]


547 kbps


First time I've been on this page - no inclination before, just curious today.

today at midnight my speed is 145kps.
I've gone from 4gb to 15gb and pay you £16 per month.
I have not changed my downloading which used to be 5gb per month yet I now appear to be breaking your 15gb limit.
Needless to say I'm off to talk talk with 40gb for £6.45 per month.


Hi John,

Have you started watching online video, such as iPlayer or similar?

There are a number of ways your usage could have increased, for example do you use a wireless router and does it have security enabled?

We'd be happy to look into any issues you've had if you would like us to.


On April 24th, 2008 at 12:24 am geewizz said: "It says "End date : No expiry" "

On April 24th, 2008 at 10:29 am, Kelly Dorset said: "Ooh. Yes."

On November 30th, 2008 at 19:24, fred said: "It still does"

ref Dave's comment of April 5th last year. Have things got any better? While there seems to be plenty of information available, tracking down the bit you want can be frustrating. Better labelling would be a help. For instance under 'my account' why not a sub heading 'invoices' leading straight to details of the most recent month's charges, with previous months and current month so far, available from there. Details should include all the itemised section, not split up into separate bits. The view transactions page is a good start, but doesn't have enough detail, and last time I looked, the actual page didn't appear to be headed 'view transactions'just account details - the same as other pages.

I have to agree with BobMilton, the number of votes you are getting on polls is abysmal.
Also, in the six months since Bob made the comments there have only been ten more.
My only criticism is that when you first get to the login page your mind is set on doing just that - and then the option to vote has passed.
You need to 'sell' the poll better!

I was stunned by how quick and easy connection to plusnet was. All went like clockwork - my previous experience was horrendous. Great the way they rang to keep me informed of progress. Most impressed.


The poll "Have you seen the Plusnet ads in London?" is missing an answer: "No."

I live in London, regularly use the Tube and sometimes the bus, and haven't seen any of the adverts. How many of the people answering "No, not been to London" want simply to answer "No"?


Valid point well made Stephen, we'd restructure the answers but I think the poll's due to be replaced shortly anyway.

Very disappointed in the broadband speed we have experienced (maximum 1.38 mbps when the package was advertised at 'up to 20 mbps') which was completely inadequate for our needs. Apparently our local BT exchange (Stoneycroft in Liverpool) can deliver no more than this. Surely this is almost a 'dead spot' and prospective customers should be warned? We have switched back to Virgin and are trying to retrieve our cancellation fee, since at no point during our short time with Plusnet did we get a satisfactory service.

i am bitterly disappointed i moved from tiscali to plus net i absolutely loath the email set and its just so complicated to get around and i just cant belive i'm struck with this till the contract ends.... totally miserable


@P Jones, all customers are given a speed estimate prior to signup based on the data provided by BT Wholesale's Broadband Availability Checker -

@ann, not 100% sure what you mean but I'm guessing you don't like the format of your email address? If that is the case then I can probably change it for you?

Not happy with speed of plusnet broadband - was promised at least 4mbps but am only getting between 1.7 and 2.5. Not acceptable.

Also your email set is horrendous - have to scroll down through mess to get to the message. Sort it please for everyone's sake.

Can't change servers as you have me in a contract but watch this space if things don't improve.


Hi Jen, have you been in touch with our help desk about your speeds? Not sure what you mean by 'email set'? Are you referring to our Webmail service?

Feeling conned! Just joined up to plusnet because of the advertised p2p download rate. What they fail to mention is that 128kb/s is actually kilobits not kilobytes so I'm worse off than with my previous ISP and I've paid to change! I've written to trading standards and the ASA regarding this disgracfully misleading situation. So much for good honest broadband. I'd contact plusnet support but my user name isn't be accepted. Wish I'd never heard of this company! Glad I paid the extra not to have a contract.


Hi Nick,

Sorry about the confusion.

I thought we made this quite explicit to be honest. I've just visited the pages in question though and I can see that the unit being used is Kb?!

AFAIK, this isn't even a recognised unit of measurement. I'm sure it never used to be like this, and can assure you it's an innocent mistake.

I'll have our web content folk change the measurement to kbit/s, kb/s or kbps

"I'd contact plusnet support but my user name isn't be accepted"

Not sure what you mean there? perhaps you can elaborate?

Hi bob, an innocent mistake it may be but it's cost me money to transfer from my previous ISP, not to mention that had I known it was such a poor rate I would never had switched to this company for my broadband. The matter is now in the hands of trading standards.

I don't know about other people but I find it sickening to be paying nearly £14 a month and to see the adverts saying pay £3-25. The supplement for not paying by direct debit when if we give in to the blackmail you freely admit to retaining the credit card information, makes changing away from you the only option you leave customers.
In this area we have paid a premium price for only 2.3Mb/s service for years and even talk talk are now in a position to offer us a standard rate service. Stop living in the past Plusnet. You are no longer offering the service at a reasonable value because you have failed to keep up to date.


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