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Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin v1.1

2008 at 18:14 by Kelly Dorset

This is released under the GPL v.2.


The Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin makes including and linking to photos on a Flickr account simple and flexible. The links come in the form of thumbnail images that link to their larger, normal formats within the Flickr website. The advantage of this plugin is that it does not use RSS feeds and uses the Flickr API instead.


This plugin requires cURL PHP library to be installed.

The plugin has been tested with WordPress 2.3.3 and 2.5.1


Please download the zip file (171.3 KB) from the WordPress plugin site


Please Note: If you are upgrading from version 1.0 or 1.0.1 to version 1.1 then you will need to deactivate and re-activate the plugin. This is to ensure that some of the new features will be fully initialised.


Admin Control Panel

All the main functions of control such as connecting to a Flickr account and storing information on the photo thumbnails, can be achieved through the "Flickr Control" front-end GUI in the WordPress admin panel. Any changes in current Flickr photo information/status can be immediately updated by clicking on the "Update Photos" button.

Information Cache

Running the relevent Flickr API function calls can sometimes take between 2 & 3 minutes to fully execute. All information is stored in a data cache held locally, so that it minimise the chance of performance loss on web pages. The cached data can store up to 500 images at a time.

Cron Support

If users wish to have regular/automatic updates of their photo information and status, then that is achievable through creating a crontab entry, or similar automation mechanism, to execute the supplied runScript.php file.

Specific styling using CSS

A CSS file is supplied to provide a starting point for displaying the thumbnails, but changes can be made to suit individual preference.

Requested Features
  • Allow results to be tag or set based
  • Ability to override the name of widget with text from the admin panel (or perhaps an img location)
  • Support for group NSID's
  • Allow users to enter proxy settings if they require it

More open source applications


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271 comments on "Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin v1.1"

where do I create the data cache folder and how do I specify the path.. nothing seems to be working for me.


Hi Zach:

You'll need to create a folder somewhere for the cache. The scripts will need to be able to write out the images in that folder. If you create it in the tmp folder in a linux install this may be something like:


or if you are on shared hosting, it could be in your home directory:


Make sure that directory has writable permissions by the webserver.

If you are still having problems, email me at kdorset AT plus DOT net and I'll get James to help!

I am also having difficulty adding a cache folder. I have created a folder with permissions set at 777. But when adding trying to direct to the folder Flickr Control says it either does not have the permissions or it does not exist.


Hi kris:

Can you please check that you have specified the full path in the "Data Cache Folder Location" text box on the Flickr Control page, and in addition, make sure you don't have a '/' at the end of the path.

Hope this helps, if not, please come back here and give me a shout.

i think i have the same problem. i have tried a lot of different folders and every time i got an error report "This folder path does not exist! Your options have not been updated". write permissions are set. it only works with the /tmp folder. but this folder doesn´t exist. an also when the folder exists, i don´t get the flickrdata.json. so updating photos is impossible.
can anyone help me please?


Hi, to all those with cache folder problems, try for the moment to store the cache file in the plugin folder itself 'flickr-thumbnails-photostream'. That should work as a temporary fix whilst I carry out an investigation.

Sorry to all those who have experienced issues with this.


If you are running in php safe mode and/or have open_basedir restrictions in place, then you are probably limited as to where you can store the cache file.

I've just tried creating a new folder within the plugins folder, then giving it 777 permissions and it works fine:-

/plugins$ mkdir cache-test

/plugins$ chmod 777 cache-test

So it is probably something to do with your individual php settings, which you may not have permission to change if you are on shared hosting for example.

The solution to this is to store the cache file in the 'flickr-thumbnails-photostream' plugin folder (as mentioned above), with all the other downloaded files.

This should work as the 'flickr-thumbnails-photostream' plugin folder must be accessible for you to have got to the Flickr Control page in the first place.

A possible example of a full path on linux might be:-


I really hope this helps and sorry again for the problems. We will work to put a fix in place and to document this issue in the next release version of the plugin.

I feel like such a dummy but I simply cannot figure this out! I have wordpress stored on my domain,
and the location I have given in Flickr Control is as you suggested: /flickr-thumbnails-photostream/
or in my case, /www/blog/wp-content/plugins/flickr-thumbnails-photostream/

I had no problem with changing the write permissions but Im not to sure how to see if I am running in php safe mode and/or have open_basedir restrictions in place. Sorry to be a bother, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks 😉


Please don't worry about it, this is really important feedback and if there are issues we need to know so we can fix them.

Even if you are running in php safe mode and/or using open_basedir restrictions, you should still be able to use the the Flickr plugin folder to store the cache file.

Try using:-


without the '/' on the end, because the plugin will put that '/' in for you.

Is it still saying you don't have the correct permissions or is it displaying a different error message?

When I put that for the location and press update options, I get this 'This folder path does not exist! Your options have not been updated.'

If I press update photos it says, 'The folder does not have writable permissions. Please change the folder permissions.'


Ok, can you try just putting a '.' , so thats just a full stop in the folder text box, and double check that you have full write access to all users on on the 'flickr-thumbnails-photostream' folder. Then click the update options button again.

permissions on the ‘flickr-thumbnails-photostream’ are set at 777, did you mean to put the '.' (period) like this, '/flickr-thumbnails-photostream.' ?

with or with out it i am still getting that the folder path does not exist.

thanks again


Don't have the / in the front. That means it is looking for it at the root of the filesystem. Just have `.` there.

I typed in simply a '.' and it finally allowed my options to save, but not to update my photos. I tried out a few more folders and finally '/tmp' worked! Thanks for all your help =)


You're very welcome, I'm glad to hear it's all up and running now.

Is there a way to adjust the thumbnail quality? They look a bit crappy!

hi, my problem is still the same.
i just can save the cache folder when it is called "/tmp". no way with /flickr-thumbnails-photostream works. also not with the "." in front.
but when i save the /tmp folder it doesn´t create the json library.
i have already created a tmp folder (with permissions) in every path but is also doesn´t matter.


Hi markus:

You should just put the FULL STOP '.' in the text box on its own, nothing else is needed. Just putting a FULL STOP in there tells the plugin to store the json file in the same folder as is used by the plugin files.

Am I correct in thinking that using /tmp allows you save your options, but does not create a json file once you have updated your photos?


Hi James:

The plugin currently receives a "square" version of the photos from the Flickr api which is set at 75 pixels x 75 pixels, which we then reduce down to 50 pixels x 50 pixels using a CSS file, for our own needs. Please feel free to edit the CSS file called style.css and change the '.flickrImage img' class to see if you can get better results. The two attributes you'll need to change are 'width: 50px;' and 'height: 50px;'. Just change the two '50' values to the size you want, ensuring to keep the 'px;' on the end.

If you make any changes to the CSS file, be sure to save it, and then re-activate the plugin.

Hope this helps.

Thanks jtuck!


does the plugin (I haven`t tested it yet) display random images of my flickr account or can I make it doing so?

Moin moin



Hi Olaf:

Yes the plugin does display random thumbnails of images on your Flickr Account. You don't need to do anything else to enable this.


I have had great success all the way up to this post:

"Am I correct in thinking that using /tmp allows you save your options, but does not create a json file once you have updated your photos?"

This is where my installation gets stuck. Any advice would be appreciated!


You need to make sure that the user that your webserver is running as has permissions to create the file in that location. Try instead setting the directory to just . and setting write permissions to the ‘flickr-thumbnails-photostream’ folder so that your webserver user can write in there.

Does anyone know the piece of code I would put into my sidebar.php if I don't want to use the widget? I don't have widgets enabled on my current theme and would like to use just straight code. Thanks.


Yeah sure, try this:-


You may have to create some styling in CSS to make it appear just how you would like. If you do this make sure you put the <div> and/or <span> tags inside the if statement's curly brackets. The opening and closing tags should then be placed either side of the 'displayRandomFlickrPhotos();' function call.

Alright thanks.

However, I noticed that I couldn't get the .json to create either. I have set 777 permissions to the flickr-thumbnails-photostream folder, tried my fullpath, tried 'tmp' after creating that folder with 777 permissions and still wont create. I can get options to save for all of these, but I can't get the .json to create. I tried just a . , but it gives me the permission error when I click update photos (unlike the rest which say Warning: The php json library is missing).


oooh. That might be your problem then! Sounds like you are missing a library or php cofigure line option. James will have more info on Tuesday.

Thanks Kelly- I have tried your suggestions but the .json library wont manifest. I am guessing I have to wait for the update that Eric is looking for. Again, thanks for all your help.


Hi Eric & Mindful:

It does indeed sound like you don't have the php json library installed.

Would it be possible to for you both to specify what operating system and php version you are currently running so that we know how best to advise you.

You can use

php -v

at the command line to find out what version you are currently running.

Umm... I feel so dumb at the moment. I really thought I had it down. Then all of a sudden I get that little unholy message "Oops, the Flickr folders/files appears to be missing."

And the more I read each & every comment...the more confused I get! :(

I feel like James Tuck should be holding my hand through the process while speaking slowly to me. lol


The issues surround how the application needs to cache out all your images to your filesystem to prevent it trying to download a million images from flickr everytime it runs.

Therefore, when you install the plugin, you need to be creating a location which it can write to for the cache file, and have the json library installed so that it can write json files.

hi. Thanks for plugin


best regards


Hi Yaya:

That error message is presented when the plugin can't find either the cache data folder, or the data cache file inside that folder.

I would advise you put /tmp (if you have not already done so) in the data cache folder location on the Flickr Control admin panel, and click on Update Options button. Then if that is successful, click on the Update Photos button.

Try that and let us know how you get on.

never worked, after I had to use just a "." in the options now the .json file is not created so I can't continue. I'll try some other plugin.


I'm just wondering if you guys might know that this error might be when I press the 'Update Photos' button:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\Sites\Single19\kvoltage\webroot\wp-content\plugins\flickr-thumbnails-photostream\flickrInclude.php on line 27

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\Sites\Single19\kvoltage\webroot\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 94

It seems to take a while and then these to messages show up.

Any help of pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Luis > Make sure you have json support in your version of PHP.

Ivan > Do you have loads of flickr photos? That sounds like something is killing the process while is going off and creating cached thumbnails of your photos. What is the script timeout setting in your PHP install?

@Kelly: Yes, I have quite a few photos. And I have a hosting provider. Don't really know the time out from the providers intallation of PHP. Do you reckon that's something I should ask them? How about if I want to show only the last 8 or 6 photos I uploaded?... Do I still need to run through my entire collections of pictures?

Thanks for you fast response! 😉


I think the application grabs all your photos in your collection and caches them. If you've got loads, then this might mean the script times out while running. This is probably a bad design decision 😀

James might be able to add a timeout override into the code, or change the way it grabs images. I'll talk to him tomorrow.


Hi Ivan:

The Flickr api will only allow a maximum of 500 photos to be taken from any one account at any one time. The plugin finds out how many photos you have and then retrieves all of them up to 500. If you have a high number of photos coupled with a slow connection to the Flickr servers, it is possible for a timeout to occur. I will look into a way of easing or preventing this issue for future versions.

To answer your question about showing the last 6-8 photos:

The plugin currently works by grabbing all the info from all the photos in your account and then makes a random selection, which then displays on your web page, up to the amount you set in the admin panel. It was originally built to display a random selection of photos rather than specific selection. Think of it as an iPod Shuffle for photos.

Apologies if this wasn't quite the functionality you were after.

Hi. This is a great app Thanks for the hardwork. Also looking forward to see what your Flickr widget looks like :-).

I like Ivan would also love the option of being able to view the latest photo's in my stream, as well as a random selection. Would be great if this feature could be added.

Thanks again!


Thanks Jonathan :) I'm sure that functionality can be included in the next version and we will be looking into it. In addition to this we may be revising the way in which the plugin stores the cache information to make the setup both quicker and easier.

I have been trying this widget for a while. I am still having the same problem of "path does not exist"
this is what i typed in
Data Cache Folder Location:
but it doesn't work. any help.



Hi little blue:

Can you try putting just 'flickr_temp' in the Data Cache Folder Location.

That will point it to /wp-content/plugins/flickr-thumbnails-photostream/flickr_temp.

Please come back and let us know how you get on.

thanks for your response, i tried --
i have set permission right but still no luck.
i have a very dumb question here, do i need to give full path of my folder i mean something like


Nope, you don't need to give the pull path.

All you need to do is put


So just the name of folder you've created.

thanks again
i tried both


but still no luck.


try just putting `.` in on its own.

i tried both
but still getting error message saying path does not exist. (T_T)


Ok. Do you have cmd line access to the machine? If so, go into the directory you've created and do a 'pwd' for me and post back what you get.

also, you've said that you've tried:

have you tried just

'.' instead?

it says

257 "/wp-content/plugins/flickr-thumbnails-photostream/flickr_temp" is the current directory

and ‘.’ does not work either.


ok. try this. Go into flickr-thumnails-photostream and do a 'ls -la' and let us know the output.

it says -"
This folder path does not exist! Your options have not been updated."



Do you have cmd line access to the machine it is running on? You need to do ‘ls -la’ from the cmd line, when in that directory.

sorry, i have checked with my ISP, i don't have cmd line access.

thank you a lot for the plugin!

I have one question: how can you change the size of the pitcures showed in the widget?

Thanks a lot


Hi Albert:

To change the size of the pictures you need to edit the style.css file in the flickr-thumbnails-photostream folder. Open the file in a text editor and find the class called .flickrImage and change the width and height attributes from 50px; to whatever you like. Please ensure that you keep the 'px;' on the end of each line, and make sure you save the file after you make your changes so that it overwrites the current 'live' version.

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot! but just one question: when I change teh ssize to 150 px for example the quality of the picture becomes worse as it was. Do you know how to change it? thanks


Currently the plugin connects to the Flickr api and retrieves a 'square' version of the image. This format is set to width: 75px and height: 75px. If you set the size to be greater than this in the CSS file, you will notice a reduction in the image quality. We are currently developing a solution that will allow the user to select the different sizes of the image from the Flickr api. This new functionality should be available in the next release version of the plugin.

I am having problems with this too, I do not see an answer on here. Where on my web site to I put in this cache folder?
this part makes no sense to me at all, so any help would be good before I dump this program
thank you

The "Data Cache Folder Location" is where the .json encoded cache file will be stored. It is a file that will be automatically created to store the necessary urls to locate your photo thumbnails when the web page is loaded. The idea is that the majority of the API function calls are run and completed separately from the web page load. We have provided this mechanism so that there is minimal disruption to the loading times/performance of your web page.

Please note: The folder path can be anything you like so long as it is accessible and has the correct WRITE permissions.


It doesn't actually matter where that folder is, as long as the webserver serving the wordpress installation can write into it. The easiest place to put it is inside the folder created when you installed the plugin.

However, James is just working on a version of the plugin that doesn't need this cache file. It should hopefully be available in a day or two *cross fingers!*

that is exactly what I did, in the plugin folder, I made a folder called tmp, then in that folder I made another folder called flickr_files and still does not work.
However, I am patient so I will wait for your new update.
Thank you for quick response and have a good day


The new version of the plugin has been made available as a beta release. The link is at the top of the page and includes fixes to some of the issues users have been experiencing with the current main release.

Please download it and try it out :)

Thanks James. Using the beta now. Non random option is working great!


Thanks Jonathan.

The new version (1.1) is now available as a full/main release from the WordPress site.

To download please see the link at the top of this page. :)

Thanks for the plugin, It's working great! My question is, is there a way to pull images from only specific sets, or images with certain tags?


Not yet. It's a good feature request though!

OK, Thanks. I'll need to think of another workaround.

thanks lot, it worked beautifully. i will recommend to other people. (^_^)★★★★★

I get this: Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos.
How do I fix it?


Hi Drew:

That error message is generated when the plugin can't access your public photos within your Flickr account. Can you please make sure that the photos you want to use with the plugin are set to public on your Flickr account.

Also it would be good idea to deactivate and reactivate the plugin, followed by clicking on Update Photos to get a fresh copy of your images.

Hope this helps.


Hey everyone:

I could do with your help.

We would like to include some more screen shots of the plugin in action on other websites. If you are using the plugin and wouldn't mind us using a screen shot of your site, then please post a url of your site here, with a simple sentence saying you are happy for us to use it.

Please be aware that if the content of your website or photo collection is 'interesting' we may not be able to use it, even if it looks great.

Thanks :)

Thanks, James. I tried what you said and double checked that my photostream was set to public in the flickr account. Any other ideas?

I am getting the same: "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos" Drew has run into. I've made sure my flickr photos are made public. Double checked the api key and user id.

I have a feeling nothing is happening when I click "update photos" it thinks for a while and and eventually stops with a blank flickr control window.

There is also no cache folder being created in the plugin folder on the server.

I'd appreciate any help, thanks!


Drew & Nathan:

The latest version of the plugin does not require a cache folder, as it saves the cache data into the WordPress database. It could be possible that the both of you are running the old version. Could you please check you are using version 1.1, and if you're not could you please download it from the link at the top of this page. Then re-install and re-activate the plugin and see if that eliminates this problem.

I hope this helps and please come back and let us know how you get on :)

Hey, I have seen your plugin on other sites and it looks great and exactly what I want. Problem is its saying my NSID invalid and its not. My flickr stream is at and it keeps saying troyperkins is not valid. Any idea?



Troy! You've found a bug in our documentation. :O

Try using 71207860@N00 as your NSID and let us know if it works

Ah that makes sense. That username accesses the API that you generate for your account. Well I got past the first step of updating options, but now I am timing out when trying to update photos. I am going to read through the previous posts and see if the caching discussions deals with me as well. Thanks alot Kelly!

I have version 1.1 installed, but went ahead and reinstalled just in case. When I try to update the photos it times out like before and the same message appears in the sidebar "Oops...

Could this be an indication that cURL PHP LIBRARY is not installed on the server?

Like Nathan I have the same problem exceit mine times out with a 500 message. I have no box in the plugin settings page that allows me to specify a cache directory and I am not seeing in the code specifically where I could possibly specify the location.


You need php curl installed, but I'd have thought you'd get a better error message than that if it was the problem.

I think James needs to add a debug mode so we can see what the plugin is doing when it's running. One for next week hopefully!

How big are your flickr accounts btw?

I have verified cURL is installed and enabled on the server, have 1.1 installed with WordPress 2.5.1. As for my flickr account, I have 10 sets with over 2500 photos.


Try using my details: 8dbfce94e7892c510a6b55356455523f and 74826674@N00.

I've a much smaller account than that. If it works, the timeout stuff James has put in isn't working.

Nope, that times out as well. I tried editing the entry (I believe the right one):

curl_setopt( $resCurl, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 6000 );

And seriously upped the timeout value with no luck. I would be interested in seeing if anyone has this issue. I have tried both Firefox and IE (for shits and giggles) and connected to my network at home and tried it all with no luck.


get the script to echo out the $strUrl value in the include script and see if you can use curl on the cmd line to get it?

Lets see if its too big to post:


Well the $strUrl is extremely long and I have no cmd line access to the server. I sent it earlier but obviously it was too long to display. Your photos finally displayed on my site but I still cant get mine. It seems changing that timeout value has no effect on the actual timeout...seems like something else is going on.


Yeah. It's possible that the timeout is being overridden. I'll get James to have a think this week coming about it. I'll also get him to see if he can limit what is returns as well as what is displayed.

Ok cool, btw just got another error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 90 seconds exceeded in D:\\wp-content\plugins\flickr-thumbnails-photostream\flickrInclude.php on line 82

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 90 seconds exceeded in D:\\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 94


Sorry everyone, I've been in London Friday - Saturday, otherwise I would have contributed to the discussion.

Apologies for the timing out problems, I had thought that I sorted that issue, but as Kelly has said, something must be interfering with that.

The error message saying just "Oops," is a bit odd as all the error mesaages I've put in are longer than that and are more descriptive. I will look into why you are only getting the first bit of it.

Sorry over the confusion of the NSID's. I will change the part of the documentation about NSID's to make it more clear.

I will look into all of this next week after a chat with Kelly.

Once again sorry for all the problems/frustration guys.

No problem James. While you are figuring this out I have been just altering your code to make the plugin look how I want. Well at least you know that someone with a lot of photos (me) have problems like this and are able to work on it. If you want to chat with me to see if fixes work send me an email and I will give you my IM name.


Troy > Feel free to make a contribution to this plugin. As long as the core functionality works still for our site, we'll update the plugin in the repository as a new version. (This is open source after all 😀 ) We don't have millions of photos so we are probably missing the needs of some users.

Currently requested is the ability to limit the results to tags or certain sets. That might help you with your usage problems and will definiately be an enhancement.


If I have anything worth contributing I will but as of right now its just a simple add two divs, add a flickr logo and add some color to the title. I love coding but I am a network administrator and believe me, you dont want my code! Messy as hell!

As for that enhancement I could definitely see that. Especially if you are talking about a certain topic, would be great to assign certain tags to the front page.

As for photos, like I said I am currently at 2500 photos and I usually take a lot of photos (although I am on hiatus). And I know there are a lot more people with tons more photos than me that if they do a WordPress site and use this could run into the same problem. But definitely fix that error in the documentation, that made me say "what the hell" a few times while trying to get it to work. 😉



Can you go to this page

and download the

unzip it and replace the current flickrScript.php with the one contained inside the zip

Please make a copy of the current one so you can replace it afterwards.

After you have replaced the file can you please do an "Update Photos" and see if you still experience a timeout problem.




I've just uploaded a new version of the flickrInclude.php file on to

which might actually fix the timeout issue completely.

So if you haven't already done what I mentioned in the previous post then ignore that for the moment and replace the flickrInclude.php file instead. If you have please still replace the flickrInclude.php file, but go back and use the original flickrScript.php file that came with version 1.1 again.

In either case, please make a copy of the existing flickrInclude.php file.


Hey James,

I replaced the flickrInclude.php file, tried to update photos and it timed out again.

When I replace my flickr account details with Kelly's I get this error message: Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr information.

Thanks for your help, looking forward to getting this plugin to work in our design.



Can you check that you are allowed to make connections to the outside world from your host server. That could be what is preventing the cURL function from executing/connecting.


I verified that my host server (godaddy) supports the use of CURL.

If I need to connect to an https i need to go through a proxy server using a specific port. I don't think that is necessary for flickr though...


You are right, Flickr does not use https.

Do you always get those same error messages or do they vary?

James, I will try but it might not be until Sunday. I am currently attending Microsoft TechEd in Orlando and don't have much time to try this. I am in my hotel room right now working on some school work so I cant do it now. If I have time between sessions tomorrow and the wifi isnt taken up too much I will try tomorrow. Will let you know. Thanks for working on this.

Hi! I have updated my version.I asked a few days before about changing the squatre size: is the new functionality already available? thanks alot


Yeah, you can select from the available picture sizes in the admin screen and then size them accordingly in your css. THe plugin doesn't change the size of the image, just allow you to select which flickr image size it downloads.

Kelly and James,

Sorry it took me so long to get to this but it worked. My photos are coming up and there was no time out issues. Thanks a bunch!


Ok but there is still a slight problem. I have, as stated before, around 1200 photos but the same 10 are only showing up. A vast majority are public so that is not a problem. Any ideas?


Hi Troy,

You could still be running the debug version of flickrScript.php which limits the amount of photos to 10. If you get a fresh copy of flickrScript.php then this should resolve your problem and overwrite the current one, this should solve your problem.

James, I downloaded and uploaded the flickrScript that you reuploaded as a fix.

This plugin works great, thanks. However, it would be nice, if it worked not only with flickr *accounts*, but also with flickr GROUPS, so that I could display the latest photos of that group on my blog.

Is this difficult to implement? At least the feed looks very similiar.


Hi Mathias:

Thats a good idea and from a brief look at the API it looks very possible. We can look into it for the next version release, thanks for the idea.


Hi Troy:

The flickrScript.php that I uploaded was more of a debug file than a fix. It was the flickrInclude.php that ultimately had the active fix in it to stop the timing out issue. At this point in time I'm not sure what version of what files you have or don't have.

So what might be best, to avoid confusion, is to grab the latest version of the plugin from WordPress via the link at the top of this page. That version has all the fixes and the right flickrScript.php file. Download it and overwrite your existing copy of the plugin, then re-activate and re-configure in the site admin panels.

This should sort your problem of only having 10 photos whilst keeping the fix to the timeout issue.

Hope this helps :)

I"m getting the same result as Drew and Nathan - "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos." as an error message on my site, and a *long* pause followed by a "failed to open page because the server is not responding" error when I click to Update Photo Collection.

This is a brand new install of Flickr Thumbnails Photostream 1.1 (I just found it today - great plugin!) on a new site running WP2.5.1. Hosted at mediatemple. I've got about 800 photos at Flickr.

Nothing I'm trying is helping. Too bad, because I believe this plugin is exactly what I'm wanting to do.


In response to Troy's original question about having trouble finding his NSID, and James' reply about the "bug in the documentation"... (I did the same thing, used my flickr user name, following the directions in the documentation, and yup that doesn't work anymore since Flickr changed their URLs)...

... the easiest way to tell users how to find their NSIDs is to have them click this link. It should take them to a page that tells them what their NSID is.


Hi Jen. I've just tested retrieving your photos on our test site and we got 500 of them without an error. I suspect this is still down to different server side settings.

James is looking at an alternative way of grabbing the photos to see if we can get around this!

Thanks for your patience 😀

I don't know if anyone is still checking this, as it's been a month since the last post, but I'm having an issue arranging the photos on the page. I choose 12 to show within the widget, but it shows them all left aligned in a column, rather than 3 or 4 across in rows. How would I change this? I've scoured the code and the admin page, but there is nothing there that controls that feature, if it exists. If you want to see an example, check out my test blog where I try all this stuff out before I put it on the real site, for obvious reasons... Am I missing something in the configuration or is this just not possible with the theme I'm using?


Hey Doug. It's something to do with your stylesheet. The div around each photo is stretched to the full width of the column, hence why they are only stacking one per row. If I cut and paste the code from your page without the style sheet, they all stack to the right.

Nice site btw!

This is a great plugin :)

I am creating a website and part of that is the flickr thumbnail photostream ... how can i place the plugin manually on my sidebar without doing the widgetizzing? what is the php code for it... thanks

Help Please! I've tried all night to use a plugin to work with wordpress, YOURS was so far the BEST, but I'm receiving an error message at my index page:
"Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos."

So close, yet so far. Is a plugin problem or a flickr problem? My pics are public no problem with access, I set
API and NDS..the other key name everything as told, step by step. The ONLY thing I didn't was that API Key Authentication Setup. Is it needed too? I'm a dummy at this.

Id be very extremely glad for any help! Thank you!


Hi Jeffry:

The PHP code is as follows:-

< ?php if(function_exists('displayRandomFlickrPhotos')) { displayRandomFlickrPhotos(); } ?>

You may want to surround that in some CSS styling to position it exactly where you would like it. This code will check the plugin exists and then will run it.

Hope this helps :)


Hi D:

If you have been given your API key by Flickr is should be completely valid to use. Have you performed an update of your photo data from the admin panel in WordPress? Its the button at the very bottom of the page. If this update doesn't work, would it be possible to for you to give us your NSID and we can check it on our implementation?

[...] Flickr Thumbnails Photostream 这个Flickr缩略图插件可以显示某一Flickr帐户下的相片并链接到它们. 支持数据缓存, Cron支持和自定义风格. 插件主页. [...]

[...] of minutes later, after analyzing the database, checking potential file changes I found out that Flickr Thumbnail Photostream was causing all that undesirable mess. Certainly, deactivating it was the quickest and most [...]

Fantastic plugin. I've only had been using wordpress for 3 days and it works flawlessly.

Now the stupid question. I love the way it gives me a 3x3 box of thumbnails in my side bar. I'd like to have exactly the same look and functionality but without the flickr account (ie having the images located on my own server). Is there an easy way to do this?

The plug in works brilliantly. One hiccup. I've created a group on flickr, only yesterday, how long does it take for the NSID to "show up". When i try and use the NSID for the group with this plug i get "This ID does not exist! Your options have not been updated." But the plugin works fine with my own ID, so i know it's not that. Any help would be appreciated :)


I saw your post on Flickr 😉

I'm not 100% if it will work on group NSIDs. I'll ask James!


Hi Jaina:

Unfortunately the plugin does not support group NSID's at the moment but it is a great idea and we will add it to the list of requested features :)

Oh well! Never mind. Thanks for letting me know :)

Group NSID's would be a great new addition!

everything went ok, but after updating in options, when i refresh the wordpress page everytime, the message says "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos". I added 'cache' folder in flickr photostream folder and still it doesn't work. I am not sure where I went wrong. Help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hello again.

I managed to make it work after many tries. thank you again for the plugin.

sorry again for a few comments that I sent recently - but after I worked it out, I discovered that it didn't show the exact number of pictures on blog. I put 6 photos to be displayed in flickr control and I have 2 pictures on flickr account for test - then on blog, it shows only 1. Could you please help with this? thank you very much again.


Can you give us a link to your blog so we can have a look? James is out this week, but back next!

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photostream - The Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin makes including and linking to photos on a Flickr account simple and flexible. The links come in the form of thumbnail images that link to their larger, normal formats within the Flickr website. The advantage of this plugin is that it does not use RSS feeds and uses the Flickr API instead. A WordPress gallery plugin for WordPress 2.3.3 to 2.5.1. [...]


Hi Jos

You shouldn't need to create a cache folder as the photo information is saved directly into the WordPress database. Can you please check that you have the most up to date version of the plugin and that your test photos are set to 'public' on Flickr.

"everything went ok, but after updating in options, when i refresh the wordpress page everytime, the message says "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos"."

I am having exactly the same problem.
Could anybody help?

Hello I have been reading over the comments and I am assuming my problem is that I need to install the php cURL library.. I found a tutorial but I do not understand it. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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[...] Slickr Thumbnail Photo stream: Te permite agregar un link desde una miniatura o thumbnail a tu foto en tamaño real. La ventaja de este caso es que no usa feeds Rss, sino el API de Flickr. [...]

Hello I am trying to curl out on GoDaddy hosting and it wont let me without a proxy i tried adding
curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_PROXY,""); to the curl function but still nothing, any ideas?

Okay here is the fix for godaddy.

if ( "" == $strError )

curl_setopt( $resCurl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true );
curl_setopt( $resCurl, CURLOPT_HEADER, false );
curl_setopt ($resCurl, CURLOPT_PROXY,"");
curl_setopt( $resCurl, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, 3 );
curl_setopt( $resCurl, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 600 );
$unkRsp = curl_exec( $resCurl );

[...] to the settings. You are then able to see the latest pictures that appeared in the RSS feed. Flickr Thumbnail Photostreamon the contrary displays pictures thanks to the Flickr [...]

Good morning...I'm trying to use your plugin, installed fine, went through flickr control without issue - took my API and NSID...after updating options it successfully updated the photos, but on my main page it tells me "oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos". I read several posts and deactived, reactivated and re-updated the photos four times. Three times the photos updated fine and once I got a flickr curl error (third or four tries). Still getting the "ooops" message I'm new to all of this, so I'm not the most technically literate. Any advice? Thanks, pjm

I have a question about the widget;
I got the API and NSID and stuffs together, it's as it should be. But the widget won't show up on the blog; nothing happens, at all.

Perhaps not a very good explanation, but maybe you're able to support me anyway.

[...] standard widget control area to insert the widgets. Here are the WordPress plugins I'm using: Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin | Community Site News Video Widget | nikohk PHP

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream Este plugin permite colocar imagens em formato thumbnail no seu blog, que linkam directamente para as fotografias de grandes dimensões. A grande vantagem deste plugin, é que ele não utiliza RSS feeds, ele utiliza a API do Flickr. [...]

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress [...]

[...] con Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream. he Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin makes including and linking to photos on a Flickr [...]


I`ve put it into my sidebar via

an it works well. Now I´d like to know which arguments I can handle to the function.




I installed the plugin and entered the API and User NSID, when I tried to update I got the warning:

This ID does not exist! Your options have not been updated.

I noticed someone else had the same problem. Is there a way to fix this?


i guess i installed everything right, but now; how to get my flickr thumbs into the footer of my wp blog??? ..or any page? .....dont have this icon in my media bar:(



Hi stephanie

You should be able to put the plugin in your footer. What you need to do is go into your main WordPress application folder and locate the file that displays your footer. It might be called footer.php but you may have made a custom file in which case use that. Once you've found this file you need to put the following code in the file in the place where you want it displayed.

< ?php if(function_exists('displayRandomFlickrPhotos')) { displayRandomFlickrPhotos(); } ?>

You might want to put some additional CSS/XHTML etc around the displayRandomFlickrPhotos(); statement to style it the way you would like. If you do that within the < ?php tags you will need to put all your CSS/XHTML in the following encapsulating statement echo('put your CSS/XHTML in here without and keep the single quote marks'); Hope this helps :)


[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream: Plugin que exibe thumbnails de fotos usando a API do [...]

@Tony: Seems that flickr updated their API? Try using this site to find out your NSID

[...] your server for this like in Rails. You can see a lot of plugins I have used here -, Flickr, SyntaxHighlighter, Twitter, Google [...]

Got this to work just fine, but I would really love to be able to just show pictures in my favorites set. Is that a feature that is being developed?


I am getting the same error, "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos" and am very new to managing my own Word Press site so really not sure what to do. I have updated my photos so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Any ideas? I am running Word Press v 2.6.5 and plugin v 1.1. Maybe this plugin will not work for the version of WP I am running?



Hi Donna

I'm running the Plugin one of our test Platforms, that has WordPress version 2.6.3 installed, and it works fine. I can't imagine the change between .3 and .5 would be dramatic enough to make a significant impact.

If you can update your photos then that means that you have successfully got hold of the photo info from Flickr, but that the info cannot be displayed to your front end page.

Can you update your photos again from the admin panel and ensure that afterwards a confirmation message is displayed at the top of the same panel.

This is just to check that you are receiving the information properly.



what made i wrong if i get this message:
Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos.

What must i do to see my pictures?

why can't i get any answer?


have you checked to make sure your flickr API key and User NSID are correct? I had this problem too until I updated those.


Hi joerg:

Sorry for the late reply.

What aberrantphoto said was a very good idea. Please try that and also can you please check that you have clicked on the Update Photos button, and following that, you get a message saying that the information has been updated.


the keys are alright but it does not work.
I get the same message. No Photos to see.


Are you 100% your NSID is right? Use this link to check:

Plugin loaded just fine, went thru settings and everything updated properly. When I added the widget to my sidebar I keep getting the same "Oops..." message that several other people keep getting. I've deactived/reactived and even removed the plugin and started over again to no avail. Any advice on what else to try? Thx

To add to the above I failed to mention that I am running WP 2.6.3 on my blog...thx again

yes, it is right!!!
But it does not work.


Hi Joerg. What is your flickr username and NSID? I'll try and replicate on our side.

username: ***********
NSID: **************

just try it out...


Hi Joerg.

I just used the plugin on our test site to connect using our api key and your NSID and picked up your photos. (Some pictures of some trains!)

Is your API key correct? Do you have any error messages in your PHP or web server error log that might give us a clue?

I just can see that stupid Error message. Nothing more.
Yes the API Key is correct. I have that "Oops" message on my site.
Must i use the secret key for it?
I going to be very angry about it...


Joerg, as far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the plugin here. Using our API key and your NSID, I'm able to see your photos using it.

This means that either:
a) Your API key is incorrect. (You've checked that)
b) Your plugin is broken (Remove and reinstall the plugin)
c) Your site isn't compatible.

For c, you need to make sure you are running PHP5, cURL and WordPress 2.3.3+. If you have all of those, then you need to be looking in your error logs, i.e your webserver logs and your php error logs.

Just to reiterate, using your NSID, we are able to download your photos, so it's something wrong on your host or your details :(

a) it is correct
b) i reinstall it and nothing changed
c) i've got php5 and wordpress 2.7

And Now?


Do you have cURL PHP installed? Any errors in your error logs?

there are no error logs.
there stand nothing that i need curl... and i dont know how i can
install it... iam no expert, i will now delete it.

And please delete my username and NSID from 27th.

THIS IS ONLY ********!!!


I've removed them. I'm afraid we can't help you locate your error logs or install cURL on your webserver. You'll need to talk to your server admins for that. :(

cURL is listed as a requirement in the installation documentation.

I'm using this good plugin, but I have problems refreshing cache of new images.
I can only see the old images in my sidebar, and when I click on update photos in the plugin-admin page the page works for some seconds and then become white without show me any message.
In my wordpress page I can only see old images, and if I select "randomize" option some thumbs are completely empty showing the message "this photo is currently unavailable" (you can see this on my blog linked here).
How can we solve this problem?

Thank you


Hi Caio

I've just tested the plugin on our system and its running ok if a little slow. Do you have a large number of photos? If you do it could be that the connection is timing out. There aren't any coding issues(bugs) that I can see that should be stopping you from getting hold of your photos. It must have worked for you at some point if you are able to see your old photos. I would suggest trying again at a different time of day when your connection to the interenet might be better.

Please try this and let us know how you get on.

Thank you for you reply, and for your work, is really useful, I love photography and with this widget we can share more our passion with people.

You write good, the plugin worked for some days when I installed it, and I can't tell when it stopped to work.
However, I don't have problem of internet connection, and I have tried to refresh cache a lot of times so I'm sure it's not a momentary problem.
I just have replaced the plugin folder on WP but nothing changed; I noticed that the plugin remember the configuration also replacing the plugin folder: could be useful to delete and recreate also this file? Can you tell me how can I find it (or them)?

Now, like before, when I presso on update cache, the loading page start but stop itself after some seconds (10-15) and the page remain white.

I don't have a lot of photo on my flickr account, you can see the plugin status following the link on my nickname.

Thank you for everything :-)

First I want to say that your plugin is great!
I have one little problem.. I don't see no changes when I select other sizes in my Flickr Control. I don't see what I'm doing wrong. I update the options and the photos. It seems the photos always are displayed in 75x75 pixels. This is what I have changes in the css, but I think it must change when I choose Thumpnails or Small..
Can you help me please? The greatest solution would be that the photos were acectly displayed as the thumpnails on the Flickr site. Here they aren't deformed and look the same as the original..

I hope you can help me!! Many thanks!



Hi Willemijn

If you change the photo size options in the admin panel, you will need to change the CSS file too. Unfortunately I can't advise you on what size value to use. You will need to check the size of your images on Flickr, and pick the right CSS value to best match the requested size option that you have set in the admin panel.

Hope this helps.


i have the same problem as Caio. The Plugin first worked fine, then i updated my flickr-account with some new fotos and updated the photo collection over the admin panel (i've also tried runScript.php on a ssh session) and always got the the succcess message: "Photos Updated."

When i checked it out on my blog and reloaded the page a few times (i've chosen the randomize option), the new pictures doesn't appear at any time.
The next i've tried: i deleted the cache-data in the db, started the script again but the cache data in the db wasn't rebuilt. At this point the plugin didn't display anything. I've pasted the cache-data back in the db, only to see anything in my blog, but the cache data doesn't get rebuilt anymore since the first time, the job worked only one time.


Ok, i've deinstalled the plugin, now i use the flickr-badge, which does exactly what i'm looking for....

I'm getting the error that the NSID does not exist and the option has not been saved. It most certainly does exist; I'm looking at the Flickr page with this ID in its URL. However, Fusr is also reporting that it doesn't exist. I'm not sure what else to do at this point...?


Hi Stephanie,

Could you please post your public Flick URL so that we could have a go at testing it for you?


Thanks Stephanie,

The problem is that 'ewillett' is a username and not the original NSID. Unfortunately, the part of the Flickr API which is used in the plugin to retrieve the images requires the NSID and not the username.

You might be able to retrieve your NSID from clicking on the drop down menu next to 'You' in the Flickr website menu. Then click on 'Your Profile', this should put a URL in your address bar which should hopefully have your NSID as the last element in the address.

Hope this helps.

I am still getting the "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos." message. I have the latest WordPress and the latest plugin version installed. I got the API Key and my NSID. I don't have a lot of picture as I am using the basic account. All my photos are public and I have deactivated and reactivated for about 3 times already and still nothing.

What's wrong?

I saw some the demo of this plugin on other blogs and I really really want to have it on mine too it looks so awesome. Thanks!

Oh and yes I did click the update photos button :(


Kitty: What is your flickr username or NSID?

it's gnarlykitty and 67601777@N00

but it somehow magically works now after an hour of fiddling. Thanks anyway and great plugin!


Awesome 😀 Pop back if you have any more trouble.

Thanks for the tip on the NSID. We've got that straightened out, but we're now getting the "Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photo details." error message. I've been trying it periodically over the last 24 hours in case it was a temporary glitch, but it persisted -- until just now, when I got an internal server error instead.

I tried the example curl fetch script from and got a 1 in response, by which I gather the function is working. I'm stumped. Any advice appreciated.


Hi Stephanie,

It sounds to me like it could be a timeout problem.

Could you tell me where you ran the example curl fetch script from?

Is there some way I can chooose where the plugin should appear on my site? My problem is i vant to put it in my footer, and not in the sidebar + I've designed a header for it, so I'd like to remove the "Flickr stream"-header as well. If I enable the plugin on the widget-page it just sits there, and I can't move it. What I'd like to achieve is something like Wolfgang Bartelme has done: Is this possible with your plugin?


Hi Erik,

Yes it is possible, thats how we implement the plugin on our own site.

You should be able to put the plugin in your footer. What you need to do is go into your main WordPress application folder and locate the file that displays your footer. It might be called footer.php but you may have made a custom file in which case use that. Once you've found this file you need to put the following code in the file in the place where you want it displayed.

< ?php if(function_exists('displayRandomFlickrPhotos')) { displayRandomFlickrPhotos(); } ?>

You might want to put some additional CSS/XHTML etc around the displayRandomFlickrPhotos(); statement to style it the way you would like. If you do that within the < ?php tags you will need to put all your CSS/XHTML in the following encapsulating statement echo('put your CSS/XHTML in here without and keep the single quote marks'); Hope this helps :)


Thx for a wonderfull plugin!
- Is there any chanse you can link the thumbs to the actual file at flickr so that i can use "Lightbox-2"?

Hello, i have the "OOps" problem as well.
Key and ID checked, photos set on public,
tried to desactivate/activate then update several times, no error message.

I guess the problem could about the cURL but i have no idea of what is that ^^
Sorry but could you help me ? How do I check if the cURL PHP is installed (on what ? :s) ?
Thank you !


Hi Alex,

If you have access to the command line on your web server you can type

curl --version

at the command prompt and press enter and it should either provide you with your curl info or say it can't find it.

If it says you don't have it, then you will have to install it and you may need permission to do this from owners of the server.

If you don't have access to your server command line then ask you provider if they support curl on their severs.

Hope this helps.


I am running version 1.1 and I am getting the error: "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos."

I have deactivated, reactivated and successfully updated photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I actually just tried to update photos again and got this error:
Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photo details.

If it makes any difference I am on 1AND1 hosting.

I too am getting the "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos." message.


Hi mattdonders and Kelsey

I think you are both experiencing the same problem.

You need to check that you have PHP cURL installed on your web servers.
If you look at my last post (about 3 or 4 posts up from here) and follow those instructions that should
solve your issue.

Is there any way to change the displayed pictures to reflect the orignal size and orientation, or simply crop the picture rather than scale it if the original shot doesn't match the dimensions entered in the CSS file?

Hi, seems I have a common problem as the last few posters.

"Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr information"

Although I tried to 'Update Photos' again after deactivation/reactivation, then did not receive the error after. But the Flickr photostream does not appear in the sidebar at all.

I had previously been using the plugin on my localhost to perfection, so can only gather from reading earlier posts that 'cURL' could be the issue, I have asked my hosting provider ( 1and1 ) if my package has this installed and awaiting a reply.

Otherwise could you perhaps figure out why I see 'Photo updated' successfully yet see no photos in the sidebar?

Thank you in advance
Tarun :-)

ps i have latest plugins, etc

...turns out I have cURL installed on my web server. Any thoughts?


i need to to be shot! totally forgot to add via widgets, a vital step i missed! sorry for wasting your time. god bless

Thanks for all the effort that went into this plug-in! I wasn't able to get Flickr RSS to work (which came with the wordpress theme I'm using). Your plug-in was much simpler to set up.

I'm running into two issues - the timeout issue. I'm checking with Lunarpages (my web host) if they support Curl. Why is this necessary for the plug-in to work? Seems like it is an issue for a lot of people.

Also, hopefully a simpler issue. Is there a way to customize the title, "Flickr Photostream"? I'd like to change the title and make it a link to my flickr site, with the same link style as the rest of my site.



Thanks for such a great widget/plug-in! I was wondering if and when you are planning on adding the functionality to choose only a set or collection photos to display? Thanks!


Adam: We use curl so that the cache of the thumbnails is updated regularly. This means that we don't have to hit flickr everytime someone looks at your page. To change the "Flickr Photostream" text, open the filckrPlugin.php file and change the text in the function startWidget, where it says:

- echo $before_title. 'Flickr Photostream'. $after_title;

Jonathan P: No plans at the moment as James T is a bit busy! Go for it if you want to make the change though. We could support you on it.

First of all I love this plugin! It's so clean and very easy to use. However, I have recently changed a theme on my WordPress self-hosted blog and somehow the Widget doesn't seem to appear properly. The images at the bottom row are strangely spaced compared to other rows (see image here and it's the same no matter how many pics I set for the widget.

What could have caused this and how can I fix it? Thanks so much!



adding a

.flickrImage {
float: left;
padding-left: 10px;

to your CSS tidied it for me!

It worked for me too! Thanks so so much!

Sorry to bother you again but I have just noticed something wrong with my widget spacing when I added the code. The space between my Flickr Thumbnail Photostream widget and the Google Connect widget are nonexistent. I tried moving Flickr widget around and it eats up that bottom space wherever I put it. I figured out already that it's the "float" CSS code that caused this. Is there a way I can fix this with another CSS tweak? Thanks again for your help!




to div#photoAlbum. that seems to work!

Have the requested features been implemented yet? I want to pull in random thumbnails from a specific set.


Not yet :( James has been really busy with our roadmap stuff.

I might have a sniff around to see if I can do it myself as a home project though!

Magical! Thanks Kelly for your responses!

Hi, i have problem with updating the Flickr photos on my WP. I have already my ID : 39320536@N06 and API :7abc78a139c9efa42d642d6f4a5e24c9
can you help me testing on your settings?

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photostream – randomly show your Flickr photos [...]

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress [...]

Hey James Tuck - I noticed someone last year commented here to see if you could get this plugin to work with groups. Is there a chance this will be implemented soon or possibly I could tweak the php code to get it to work? Thanks.


James hasn't had the chance to look at it, but go ahead and have a go and let us know how you get on.

What does that mean?
Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr information.Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr information.
Does some have an answer?

I too seem to be having the Opps, curl function failed to execute' error message. Weird thing is I had the plugin up and working for about 4 months with no problems. Then one day, it just stopped working. Curl is enabled on my server (according to phpinfo)... and nothing has changed that I can tell.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

"Flickr control" in my WP dashboard doesn't have a directory selector, just the API, size, and update stuff. My cache is apparently uploaded because it says so, but how do I go from there to actually seeing pics?

Thank you!

[...] blog si nezapomeňte přidat plugin Flickr Thumbnail Photostream, abyste mohli fotky zobrazovat přímo na něm. Zde se již dostáváme k [...]

Why can't i get any answer?
One month is bygone and nothing happend...

This fix works. It helps solving timeout problem.

James, if you could update the 1.1 with this fix, it will be awesome. Currently, the 1.1 available from has the bug.


After along my reading from beginning till the last seems i couldn't have any solution in it, the plugin didn't work on me, and the error caused of my id does not exist! somebody can show the proper way?


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It works now and looks great. Thanks for fix it.

Thank you!! I finally got the plugin to work with the bug fixes. Apparently it was the timeout issue for me. Appreciate all your hard work and the fabulous feedback on this forum.

Update this plugin plz!!
You did an amazing job on it.

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress [...]

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream: Plugin que exibe thumbnails de fotos usando a API do [...]

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream: Plugin que exibe thumbnails de fotos usando a API do [...]

Hi there,

I'm using your plugin which is fine I must admit, although a lightbox feature would be wonderful so my users don't go away from the site.

Any plans on implementing it ?




I've spent some time on it, I know it's dirty but here it is :

around line 182 add the following

$arrUsePhotoUrls[$intIndex][6] = substr($unkFlickrAllUrls[$intRandNum]['strImageSrc'],0, (strlen($unkFlickrAllUrls[$intIndex]['strImageSrc'])-6)) ;

and around line 230


Sorry I got sloppy with your code :)

I've studied your code, it's very clever to have stored everything in the DB.

Great work !



I'm not sure that comment has posted right, but I'm impressed with what you've got on your website!

Thanks for the compliment :) I'm sure you could also implement a "Set selection" in the plugin. Maybe I'll get on that later.

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress [...]

Hi James Tuck,

the plugin works great except for the fact that the icons apper distorted, do you know if there is any way to cut the images instead of distorcing them to fit the required proportion?

Thanks in advance

Great plugin. Thanks very much!

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress [...]

hi every one, i have set up this siple website to show my mobile phone uploads, i uploa dthem direct to flickr from my htc hero, but i need some help doing the cron job, i use cpanel and i havent got a clue what to do, i just want it to update once a day so it pulls back teh latest pictures taht i have uploaded on my travels,

any help is apreciated (I am using CPANEL BTW)

PS "cracking plug in"

I was able to connect to my Flickr account via the admin panel, but am getting the message "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos." on the website...

I managed to get the plugin working on my website, but I want the image link to open in a blank page.
How do I include the target:"_blank" code to the plugin?

Thanks in advance

Hi guys, am trying to make it work on a wp 2.9.2 and locally. I got my API and NSID keys but i cant update the photo collection: "WARNING: Photos have NOT been Updated.". Anyone got it worked with this wp version ? Nothing yet on about it.

@Ingmar or other whom want to change to "_blank".

search for the link at flickrPlugin.php.


great plugin! cheers from brazil!

[...] Flickr Thumbnail Photo stream for WordPress [...]

Hi Guys,

I've installed your plugin on my self-hosted blog. And I'm having that annoying 'Oops', problem.

I've checked with my server and I HAVE PHP cURL avalaible in my server. So. What could be the problem?

My API and NSID are correct, too. Photos public and everything.

Any idea?


Hi all,
I have the same probs as what is the solition? Offline works this plugin fine, but not online.
I need a quick idea...
Thanks Sven

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows that the requested feature to set a specific photo set may be due for release soon? Fantastic plugin but would really like to pull specific sets of photos.



If anyone is still having issues with their NSID, I solved it. I too have created a user id so that I have clean URLs. The only way to retrieve the original NSID is to view the properties of the URL of your Flickr Buddy Icon.

You'll see a string like this: 12345678@N00 ... with the 8 digits being unique to your Flickr account. I think the @N00 is universal. I plopped mine into the NSID box and it's off and running.

Note to the hard working and talented plugin developers, you may want to mention this in your next release of the plugin so users who have opted for a clean url/user id will know how to grab their original NSID.

I've have the same problem as kevin. Entered working API key and user ID and clicked "Update Photos". The warning "WARNING: Photos have NOT been Updated." appears immediately. I've tested this plugin on my local WP installation. The widget on the blog itself says "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos.". Any ideas how to fix it?

i've the same problem "WARNING: Photos have NOT been Updated."

any ideas?

Love the plugin by the way!!! Any idea if It can support Lightbox or something simillar? Thank you!!

I really liked this plugin however I would love to have the images to be opened in a new window. Is it possible to have that? It's not nice to have Flickr opening in the same window of my blog page.


GHHH... I'm starting to hate this. Gosh! It just gives me the error "Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photo details.Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr information." and then whatever I do wont work.
Is it me or am I just stupid for asking why do you need an API for this? I mean if I request an API flickr list it as my own app. I'm not making an app I want a nice flickr widget for wordpress. And this plugin looks awesome if I could get it to work.
Also other plugins work well with that api... i have the latest wordpress version.
Please make a really detailed installation guide. My frustration has reached so high, I just hope I haven't got a pro flickr for nothing.


That sounds like you don't have curl installed/working correctly on your server? Do you have cli access? If you do, what happens when you type "curl -h" from there?

i was trying to get this to work all day and i had the same issues most had on this forum. i checked everything, and i should've been good to go, but still had the same errors. I even tried Kellys' info, nothing. then i put my information in again, changed the size of the photos to medium and hit "update options" next to the security, and it saved my information. then i was able to click on "update photos", and got the error message about the flickr curl function. progress! then i deactivated and reactivated it, put in kelly's info about the plugin and tried to update photos, and it worked!

now i'm trying to get it to work with my information. i have NO idea whats happening, but if it works, then whoo!! 😀

*sigh* now i get this error, "Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr information.Flickr Curl Function failed to execute.Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photo details."

taking a break..

Hi, I've installed your plug-in and got the same issues as other people with the "Ooopppss" error message...but that is now fixed - the only problem I have now is that I can't seem to get more than 10 thumbnails showing. If I state less than 10 in the "Number Of Photos To Display:" then it works fine, but ideally I want 12 images displaying, so when I entered 12 into the "Number Of Photos To Display:" only 10 images appeared.

I've even tried changing the flickrScript.php file, as I could see on line 74 'per_page' was set to 10...but changing this did nothing.


Having trouble getting the plug-in to work. Not really sure what i'm doing with the flickr api tbh. I've created a flickr app and have a key. I've found my NSID (52909872@N08) though the link in the info above doesn't think my account exists. When I enter them in the plug-in I get the message "Oops, there seems to be a fault with the Flickr site" and the api and nsid aren't saved.

Hi is there any updates with this plugins like for example the interactive hover for each images and also the viewer type that can easily give a caption note.

Thanks and looking forward for these concerns.

I used to be very happy to search out this internet-site.I wanted to thanks on your time for this wonderful learn!! I definitely enjoying every little little bit of it and I've you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

Hi there. There's a problem if you use SSL. The integration of the additional files the flickr plugin uses are not ssl adapted... is there an update in the near future which will fix this ?

kindest regards


Hi, I'm using the flickr's plugin for wordpress, i'm already using the nsid and key correctly, and updating the photo collection, but isn't working the pluggin...
I'm receiving the error message : "Oops, there seems to be a problem accessing the Flickr photos."
I'm already create the tmp folder and set the permissions, but if the cache is wrote in the wordpress database, this way doesn't matter ? I'm right?
How can i procidure??
Thank you and best regards.


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