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Mint 12 RC up!

« Reply #32 on 20/11/2011, 23:43 »
@Waldo, no there are quite a few dislikes, mostly of the g3 system  Smiley I find it buggy still, the desktop keeps disappearing/reappearing or stopping accepting keys/mouse commands. 

I think that's more likely due to it being an RC (I've seen some comments that have suggested it'd have been better described as a beta); GNOME 3.0 & 3.2 have been trouble-free for me on Arch (lack of session-restore has been the only thing that's bugged me).

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« Reply #33 on 20/11/2011, 23:50 »
I dislike intensely the standard layout of the top bar, even with the movement of the Mint Menu up there, the fact you can't move/remove any of the icons, add the ones you actually use etc.
On my M11 top bar I have the Menu, active windows, then the comp-fusion icon, mint update, wally, remmina (vnc client), quit/kill app, and the clock thats it. All the rest live on my avant dock that's the way I like it. I don't need to see the network/volume/etc all the time & I don't use any chat clients so don't want them on the screen.

I expect that'll come in time; the crticism G3 is getting now (as far as user-configurability goes) is reminiscent of that which early G2 releases got.

I have spent several years getting this setup like I like it, now I am being forced to change it, NO! I could stay with M11 but newer releases will want updated libs that won’t be available so forcing me to move to a newer one.

I believe CentOS 6 (with G2) will be supported until 2017; I guess it comes down to whether the version of the apps you use is more important that your desktop environment......

Since Mint is the only one that seems to work for me (I tried Suse didn't even get a screeen!, don't like KDE any more - I started on Linux with Mandriva using KDE, back in the 90's) I have lxde on my eee with a very minimalist setup - openbox wm - but that is a bit too minimal more my main pc.

A friend of mine is a long-term SuSE user; gives me a LiveCDeach time a new release comes out and encourages me to try it - I tried the latest (12.1) yesterday. Worked as well as any other LiveCD I've tried - KDE 4.7 looks very slick (KDE 3.x never did much for me) - I'm sure it'll be just as slick on my MacBook when it's made its way into the Debian repos. I have LMDE/Xfce on a netbook; once t's set up the way I like it, I'd be just as happy with it on a desktop.
If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Unix user to show you how it's done. (Scott Adams)
« Reply #34 on 24/11/2011, 14:47 »
A question!

Since I have existing users with distinct UID's, but an install of Mint will wipe /etc (where this info is held), how do I make sure that Mint associates the correct UID with each user added?

Not sure if there's a GUI option (I'm not a GUI type of guy) but you can change a user id thusly, running this command as root:

usermod -u <new uid> -g <new gid> <username>

e.g. to change the user frank to have uid 2000 and group 3000 run:

usermod -u 2000 -g 2000 frank

This won't change the ownership on any files frank might have created with the 'wrong' user id so you'll need to change them back. Alternatively, when creating the user frank run the following:

adduser --uid 2000 --gid 3000 frank
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« Reply #35 on 24/11/2011, 15:45 »
I've been doing some digging.
Ubuntu (and presumably Mint) has a file /etc/adduser.conf which includes lines like:
# FIRST_[GU]ID to LAST_[GU]ID inclusive is the range of UIDs of dynamically
# allocated user accounts/groups.

I note that the Live DVD for Mint has a user "mint" with a UID of 999 - so everything looks good (UID's seem to get allocated in numerical order).

Note that you need to sign in as root, because you can't alter your own UID if you are signed in, so sudo won't work.
This can be done as user name "root" exists - you just have to overwrite it's password with one of your own devising.

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« Reply #36 on 24/11/2011, 23:28 »
I have tried Linux mint 12 on my machine and It Is laggy as hell, How this has been passed as a usable OS I will never know, Mint used to be great at one time, Back to Ubuntu 11.04 for me, Fast as a bolt of lightning Kapow!!
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