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PS3 Nat type HELP

« on 08/11/2011, 16:41 »
I currently cannot play my friends on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 as my Nat Type is Strict when it needs to be open.  I have called Plusnet Technical help who have tried fobbing me off by telling me to use the website called this did not work and whenever i call the line no one seems to be able to help. Why is this? Is it a lack of proffesionalism or that no one cares? Has anyone suffered the same tedious problem and is there anyone who can help? This would be gratefully appreciated. Kev
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« Reply #1 on 08/11/2011, 18:30 »
Welcome to the forum smiles1984 Smiley

Have you check the status of your Plusnet firewall?

Have you uPNP enabled on your router and PS3?

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« Reply #2 on 08/11/2011, 20:58 »

I also have a similar issue playing MW3 on xbox 360, that being it says I have a strict NAT. I've checked my firewall and all is off. I've tried to follow the below steps taken from another thread but cannot login with username as 'Admin' and password as the SN taken from underneath the Thomson TG585 V8 router??

•Login to your router at . Username: Admin Password: <<Your router serial number>>
•Choose "Home Network"
•Choose "Devices"
•Choose "Assign the public IP address of a connection to a device" and choose the MAC/IP address of the PS3 in the drop down box (ensure you don't put select the MAC of the pc or you will be open to viruses as the DMZ opens all ports - fine for a games console).

Can somebody please explain where I start with this in laymans terms please as its driving me bonkers!!  Cheesy


« Reply #3 on 08/11/2011, 21:00 »
I use admin with a small a not Admin 
« Reply #4 on 08/11/2011, 21:04 »
thanks peter thats worked im now in the settings... now what lol?!!
« Reply #5 on 09/11/2011, 12:31 »
Thanks for the reply strat, i am a techno phobe so i am unsure of what steps to take and when i turn my firewall off will this not mean i am open to hacking or viruses? what are the steps to turn it off?

Bigworm i have followed thoose steps but how do i find out my ps3 ip add?

Help much appreciated.
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« Reply #6 on 09/11/2011, 12:49 »
how do i find out my ps3 ip add?

On your PS3 go to 'Settings' scroll down to 'Network Settings' and hit 'X'.
You should then be on ' Settings and Connection Status List'
Hit 'X' and you should see amongst the data displayed the IP address of your PS3, probably or similar.

Regarding your Plusnet Firewall, I have mine turned off and let my router and Kaspersky Security on my PC take care of things.
I suspect most people have their PN firewall off with no ill effects.

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« Reply #7 on 09/11/2011, 13:47 »
I have found this great link but the problem i have now is that there are no dmz settings on my thomson router page so i can only sort one half of the problem i.e my ps3.
« Reply #8 on 09/11/2011, 16:11 »
Hello there,

As we have had a number of calls today relating to Modern Warfare 3 on PS3/Xbox360 in relation to multiplayer mode and strict NAT, I thought I'd share my 2 cents on what I've been able to achieve today in resolving some of the issues.

What do I need?
An Xbox/PS3 with a dynamic assigned IP address.
 - HowTo: PS3 (Follow this until you get to DNS, select Manual and enter the DNS addresses as per the below) - HowTo: Xbox 360 (This is the old dashboard, but the steps are the same) <-- follow these guides but ensure that they are set to AUTOMATICALLY DETECT IP
*ADDITION* Manually assigned DNS servers *ADDITION* (Thanks to leighbaldwin for this!)
A Thomson TG585 v7 or v8 router
A working Internet connection
A Computer/Laptop with connection to the router.

Before Going any further

IMPORTANT If you have had to change your xbox or PS3 from static to dynamic, Please reboot your device before continuing. End Important

Ensure that you have manually assigned DNS servers, You can use the Plusnet ones which are

Primary: and Secondary:

What do I need to do for Xbox 360?

We now need to login to your router via - This will ask you for a username and a password - The username will be admin and the password will be the serial number of the router which starts with CP please ensure you type this in CAPITAL LETTERS.

You should then be presented with the Thomson Gateway page with 4 or 5 purple boxes on the left hand side. Please click on "Home Network" followed by "Assign the public IP address to a network device" under where it says "pick a task"

You should then see at the bottom where it says Internet - And an option to click "edit"

You will now be presented with a list of currently available devices that are compatible to have the Public IP assigned - The xbox or PS3 may be listed as "Unknown" followed by a series of letters and numbers - You will need to find the MAC address of your device, which you can do by following these steps: HowTo: PS3 MAC Address and HowTo: Xbox 360 MAC Address

Once you have found your device in the list, you will be able to assign this. The next step is very important. You will need you ensure that you reboot your PS3/Xbox in order to obtain the public IP address instead of the local IP address.

Please refer to the below images if you need assistance (Sorry, I only have an xbox Tongue)

Xbox With Public IP Assigned

Public IP Assigned to device


But what If i want to do this on my PS3?

Windows 7 users: if you have windows 7, then you need to go into, start, control panel, programs, then into turn windows features on and off and in there turn the telnet client on and you should then be able to use the command

If you have a MAC: These commands will work, You can just use "Terminal" which is located under Go -> Utilities

Guide to obtain OPEN NAT in PS3 Black Ops with Thomson TG782T Modem

Step 1- On your PC go to start click on run copy and paste this command. telnet (press enter)

This will open a telnet session with your modem, you will then be asked for a Username and Password.

Username: admin (press enter)
Password: your modems password (usually blank by default) (press enter)

Step 2- copy and paste these 4 command lines one at a time pressing enter after each one is done.

:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3074-3075

:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3478-3479

:connection bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3658


then close the telnet session

Step 3- Reboot your modem (just power off and back on) not always needed but is helpful to do after changes made.

Step 4- Open Call Of Duty Black Ops on PS3, go to multiplayer and enjoy your OPEN NAT gaming from now on =)

(edit) also i made a youtube video of this process in the link below to help assist people through this guide.

Reference to how this fix was achieved- /forum-replies.cfm?t=1736568

I have done this and can confirm that it has opened my NAT, yay!

In a nutshell...

Your problem should now be resolved Smiley

If you have any problems with this, I'll try and assist as much as I can.



P.S. If you have followed this guide on Xbox 360 and it has worked. Please can you reply and advise me Smiley

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« Reply #9 on 09/11/2011, 16:17 »
+1 to Mattz0r. :-)
Plusnet Complaints Team
« Reply #10 on 09/11/2011, 17:04 »
Thanks Matt I have managed to sort my ps3 with addresses but when i go to "Assign the public IP address to a network device" I get a statement telling me "Not assigned and no compatible device"  I am now at a loss as i have tried every possible avenue and i thought the problem was fixed until then, the v7 and the v8 obviously differ can u look into the v8 and find out if it has to be done differently?

This would be a great help to me thanks.
« Reply #11 on 09/11/2011, 17:17 »
Hey Smiles,

I'll have a look at this when I get home tonight, as there may be some other factors and things that need to be done to get this working. I finish at 5:30 - So should be able to look at this within the next hour or so.

I'll update this again once I've found out what the deal is, as I have a similar issue with my Xbox that i've been trying to solve! and I am determined to solve it tonight! Smiley

Thanks for the feedback,


« Reply #12 on 09/11/2011, 17:26 »
thanks that would be great, i shall be out but i look forward to hearing from u soon
« Reply #13 on 09/11/2011, 18:24 »
Currently Looking into this, almost cracked it!

Watch this space....
« Reply #14 on 09/11/2011, 18:45 »
Mission accomplished.....

Updated the tutorial.


Huzzar Smiley


« Reply #15 on 09/11/2011, 19:14 »
im using ps3 and ive done everything you told me, but after i "applied public IP address of a connection to a LAN device" i get an error message saying "An error occurred during communication with the server. this is a DNS error." and i cant even sign into psn without un-assigning.... Sad
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