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Absolutely Disgusted with Plus Net

« on 07/10/2010, 18:20 »
I work away from home during the week and decided to rent somewhere so I ordered a phone line and what I thought was a cheap broadband package at the time at 6.99 for the 10GB package, I've just been told after 9 months that my contract is finnishing at the end of the month so I've contacted Customer Services to cancel my services as I will be heading back home and since my contract on Broadband for 1 Year and the Telephone on a monthly basis they have charged me 106.80p for cancelling 3 months earlier.

Now in my mind I thought that I may have just been charged another 3 months to finnish off the contract on the broadband but no they wanted more than double this figure of the broadband and phoneline put together which is a nice profit for Plusnet which seems an unfair policy or people cancelling early.

Thank You Plusnet you've made a lasting impression on me on how you do business.

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« Reply #1 on 07/10/2010, 19:45 »
I assume that charge is made up of 40 set-up fee + 40 router cost + 25 broadband cancellation charge + 1.80 pro-rata monthly subscription charge. All those are actual costs as in the price guide. Plusnet would have waived the set-up and router costs had you stayed for 12 months. Those charges would have been made clear to you when you signed up for the service.
« Reply #2 on 12/10/2010, 23:43 »
Are you serious if I had stayed for 3 months more it would have cost me nothing to exit the contract I was told it was only the broadband that cost me 6.99 Mr Plusnet per month why do I have to pay 100 quid to get out of a 3x6.99 deal it's great for plusnet I imagine or am I wrong,
« Reply #3 on 12/10/2010, 23:49 »
Listen peeps it's obvious that Plusnet look cheaper but I guess it will cost you in the end may I suggest that you look closer at how the company is making money out of the poor to make the richer rich !!!!!!
« Reply #4 on 12/10/2010, 23:53 »
That's hardly a fair statement, to be honest.  The charges are explained up-front, and are written off over a 12 month contract.  It is unfortunate for you that your circumstances mean that you are unable to complete the 12 month contract and thus are liable for them.

However, if you give them a call there may be some leeway in working around it.  I'm not sure if it's possible to continue the contract for the next three months, despite the cancellation 3 months early (i.e. you pay for the remaining three months) but it might be worth asking the question?

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