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I've been trying to play Minecraft with friends but have noticed it entirely fail to work at times, and at other times it works only tenuously and slowly.

I am on a legacy option 3 package and in the level 3 management phase.

I tried a simple telnet to the appropriate IP and port for a known working server (Other people connected and playing fine, hosted on a Linode VPS in London, no firewalls on my or it's end), and compared from my Plusnet connection and from another VPS:

james@daedalus:~/nebula$ telnet 25566
Trying <timeout>
root@hometree:/etc/asterisk# telnet 25566
Connected to
(IP slightly mangled for security)

So; would Plusnet be blocking port 25566, and if so, why, given that gaming by their own traffic management policies should never be affected? I realize this is something of an exercise in futility since I know why (Minecraft evidently isn't in Ellacoya- it's worth noting that I'm using a nonstandard port, but most Minecraft servers _are_ on nonstandard ports) but I'd like to confirm that's what's happening and subsequently get it sorted out since this is most decidedly gaming and Plusnet appear to be entirely blocking it. So I'm a tad annoyed about that.

Edit: Oh, and if I tunnel through SSH to the box I can see the server from and play through that, it works fine except for being incredibly slow on account of SSH being throttled to the point where typing on remote boxes is horribly laggy. This tech was designed to work with low latency on acoustic couplers!

If you are on Premier Option 3 then these are the speed restrictions http://www.plus.net/suppo...archive/bb_premier3.shtml which gives you a maximum of 512kbps on Level 3 Traffic Management
AFAIK they don't block ports but you should ensure that the Plusnet firewall is turned off

Plusnet firewall has never been turned on; I should clarify, this is a recent development - I spent the rest of the day happily playing Minecraft and tried to reconnect in the evening to be met with failure. Given nothing has changed on my end, and the other end is also fine, the only remaining place where a problem could arise is at the ISP layer.

512kbps sounds a bit rich. I'm currently outperforming my home PC on my mobile phone on GPRS.

Edit (again!): "When the allowance is reached, peak-time file transfer applications such as peer-to-peer are blocked until your next billing date." So, could Minecraft be getting classified as P2P?

As for 512kbps, not sure how this tallies with that:

Regarding the speed test 0.1Mb/s = 500kbps Edit - of course it isn't  :-[
WRT classification you could try running Wireshark http://community.plus.net...reshark-for-data-capture/

0.1Mbps does not equal 500kbps! That's just wrong.

1 megabit per second is 102.4 kilobits per second. And in case you were getting confused with megabytes/second, 0.1MBps in kbps = 819.2 kbps. Unless I've totally forgotten everything I learned about computer networking and so on.... but I think I'm right on all counts there.

Wireshark shows 3 SYN packets, no ACKs at all. Not a lot of use in this case, since to get an idea of classification I'd have to receive some response from the server that has passed through the Plusnet network.


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