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Adding Phone

« on 01/03/2010, 11:14 »
I noticed PN are doing a BB and phone business package @ 23 pm, I am currently on  teleworker so can I still take the joint package?
I notice going through member centre that adding the phone to my account makes the monthly payment 31.27 and no where on PN can I find any business package that ends up being 23

People have been ringing up trying to get me to move over to them but I would prefer to stay with PN but to be fair I seem to be able to get a lot more for my money usage wise somewhere else.
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« Reply #1 on 01/03/2010, 12:37 »
Option 1 Broadband

* Business Broadband Option 1 starts at £10.00 a month on a 24 month contract. If you live in one of our low cost areas you'll pay this price every month. If you live outside of one of these areas you'll pay from £15.00 a month. Prices vary for 12 month contracts.
£13 for the basic package which I assume is Evenings and Weekends although it doesn't say so. Why this should be of any use to a business is beyond me
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« Reply #2 on 01/03/2010, 12:40 »
evenings and Weekends........ Why this should be of any use to a business is beyond me
Depends on the type of business Wink Embarrassed
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« Reply #3 on 02/03/2010, 00:13 »
Its not Evening and Weekends.

Add Plusnet Business Phone to your Broadband and enjoy the convenience of both broadband and phone line rental with one low cost provider.

    * Low cost calls including mobiles and international
    * Choice of Pay As You Go or add our Daytime Call Plan

    * Streamlined admin with one bill for broadband and voice calls
    * Single point of contact for seamless service
    * Wide range of Call Features (1471, Voicemail and much more)

My bold

In essence it's line rental and PAYG based on the tariff here and as mentioned in the section:


Stuff you need to know

Business Phone PAYG - includes line rental only, all calls are charged at standard rates as listed in the Business Phone Tariff.
You can add unlimited calls for just 6 pm


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« Reply #4 on 02/03/2010, 10:25 »
I'm currently paying 20 to BT and 15.61 to PN and get no free calls from BT and only 2 gig use from PN which I now more often than not go over because our offices now have two PC's running totalling 35.61 or 37.61 after adding another 2 gig usage which roughly equates to a [Censored] package.

Adding the phone gets me to 31.27 but still leaves me with the low usage so adding another 2gig would be 33.27, which is not as appealing as the 23.00 offer that I saw

These do phone and broadband for 24.95 but I never heard of them before. I might after check further to see if they are using the same advertising policy has PN using its low cost area pricing on the front page. Roll Eyes

Btw I use PN's VOIP for out going calls so free daytime isn't really an issue.
I run the I.T policy in my house! (Badly)
« Reply #5 on 02/03/2010, 10:49 »
Business Option 1 gives 10GB usage
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Old Harry Rocks
« Reply #6 on 02/03/2010, 11:06 »
That  would take me to 34.08  through the member centre Undecided still not the best and I'm guessing that's without the VAT, decisions decisions with still less usage BB.
I run the I.T policy in my house! (Badly)
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