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nat type moderate?

« on 10/11/2009, 17:36 »
Yesterday when I was playing MW2 it said my NAT was open. Today it says its moderate? I don't understand, I tried restarting the router. Its a DG834G btw.
« Reply #1 on 10/11/2009, 17:56 »
Please ignore, I restored to factory default and that seemed to have fixed it.
« Reply #2 on 11/11/2009, 12:28 »
My PS3 is in the DMZ with a static ip and I get moderate, so I'm not sure if this actually means a problem or just a general view of your connection speed  Undecided

Lack of any sort of instructions for this game does not help either  Roll Eyes
I run the I.T policy in my house! (Badly)
« Reply #3 on 11/11/2009, 13:05 »
surrprise surprise a ps3 having nat issues nothing new there  Roll Eyes. average it sounds like you need a xbox to cure your nat issue/reporting bug (think thats my best advice given on this forum yet  Grin )
« Reply #4 on 14/11/2009, 22:55 »
MW2 is odd. I've been using UpnP for ages, and not had issues.

As soon as I play MW2 it says my NAt was moderate and I also had some problems with games.  I ended up port forwarding the 5 or so ports to my xbox, and it's now OPEN again, but seems odd why it should claim it's moderate when nothing has changed.

« Reply #5 on 14/11/2009, 23:06 »
strange, i havent got mod2 yet so cant check this out.

but i run my xbox ip in DMZ mode any way to insure this never happens, upnp has done a good job in past for the xbox but am belt and trouser approach to my xbox traffic setup. ive also in the past found my netgear to block some xbl traffic picking it up as a DOS attack, even in dmz mode
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