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How do I set as the default search engine in IE8 so that the Google Destop facility accessed by hitting [ctrl] [ctrl] automatically uses the UK site and not the US site ? 

There is a difference.  With you get offered the option of searching UK websites only, whereas with you get all the irrelevant US links.


M Steve:
Hi mate im using ff but if i recall with IE8 there should be a drop down box beside your search button at top right and i think that takes you too more add-ons for IE8 where you should be able to find as your search provider,once you choose it as your search provider you should get the option to make it your default,failing that im sure someone else will be along with better details than me to help you out,you could always just bookmark

Deary me, M$ seem to revel in making things difficult. This isn't as easy as you might think. Try this.

-Click the drop down arrow by the search box.
-Click Find More Providers...
-This takes you to a M$ webpage.
-Click the link at the bottom that says Create your own Search Provider.
Follow the instructions exactly from the page

1.Visit the desired search engine in another window or tab.
     2.Use the search engine to search for TEST (all capital letters).
     3.Paste the URL of the Search results page here:
and paste the result in the URL box.
-Type Google UK in the Name box
-Select Western (ISO-8859-1) from the Character Encoding drop down.
-Click the Install Search Provider button.
-Tick Make this my default search provider and click the Add button.

Thanks; what good clear instructions.  That is great.


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