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Chemical Brother:
I know there are a few of us on the forum who are indeed Ham radio operators or are involved with radiocommunications - I've been licensed since 1992 with my G7 callsign

As I'm in rented accommodation, installing a full-scale scaffold pole with lots of antennae dotted around the garden is a bit of a no-no, not to mention SWMBO wouldn't be impressed, so I'm now relegated to using a Yaesu VX-170 Handie in the car with a nice commercial 2M whip on the back - My Dual band 2M/70cm Yaesu FT8500 decided to die on me with the VHF output. Because the rig is 7 or 8 years old, I've been told it would be prohibitively expensive to repair, even though the UHF side is fine :(

I remember in my first days as a ham, a friend of mine, Keith G0PTT helped me to build a variation on the "J" Pole design, however, it looked more like a complete loop with a tuning stub made from threaded rod and a nut soldered to the bottom part of the J.

I know there are loads of designs out there on the net, but I wondered if someone has any ideas on something simple and small for 2M with a reasonable amount of gain that I can either screw to the side of the house facia mounted on 1/2" PVC tubing or hide up in the loft and run some RG58 into the Garage so I can sit in the garage, plug the handie in and have decent QSO. I have access to plenty of 3/8" chromed copper tubing, 1/2" PVC pipe and RG58 coax and can build to any given drawing,, I know I should be able to do this myself, but it has been a long time and I can't find my antenna design book..


Roger - G7LMY

Hairy McBiker:
Well a simple Slim Jim type would be easiest but like you I haven't seem my antenna book for a LONG time  ;D
But depends on the gain you need. They are about 3-5Db from memory (not the best source  :))

Ken GM1JLP (Licensed in '82 I think it was  :o)
Not actually active on radio for quite a while (But I was/am the author of TPK-7 for Dos and Winp-7 for Windows going back to the late 90's)

Chemical Brother:
Hey Ken :)

That's exactly what it was now you've mentioned it.. a slim jim!! I had one in my early days and had a old converted fire service storno handheld

And I also used to use TPK-7 and Winp-7 on my packet days, that's when I was living at home and could pretty much do what I wanted lol

Now looking at slim jim designs....


Force 'E':
I thought I still had my copy of FC Judd's (G2BCX) Two Metre Antenna Handbook, but it seems to have vanished. This is the clearest version I can find on t'internet:


Good luck.   8)

Chemical Brother:
Cheers for that - that seems to be the clearest yet. however it mentions using a balun, but I seem to recall, we didn't use one on the original and it lasted for quite some time..
I took it down when I bought a commercially available 5/8 wave, but my father in his infinite wisdom in not knowing what it was threw it away :(


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