Charges for calls to 03 and 05 numbers


Would someone from Plusnet care to advise how calls to 03 numbers are handled, are they charged the same as 01 & 02 numbers and are they included in the free minutes.

Also, how are calls to 05 numbers charged?


03 should be the same as 01 and 02 but in May I got charged, got the money back though.  O500 is the same as 0800 free

Not 0500, the new 05 numbers are, as ofcom puts it, 'Location Independent Electronic Communications'.  These numbers are currently being issued by BT with their business hub offering, don't know if this applies also to home hub.

I had a couple of calls today 05 600 xxxxxx and couldn't decide whether to use PN or BT to call back.  In the end I didn't have to as they called me again.

BT's website appears to be down so I can't check what they charge.

[edit]  Just found BT's rates.  They charge calls to 056 numbers at g21 rate which is (ppm incl vat) Daytime 4.89 Evening 2.00 Weekend 1.18. I'm not sure if there isn't also a call setup charge of 5p + vat.


that is similar to 08 numbers, 0800 is free, but 08600, 08700 etc are cheargeable, its the same with 05, 0500  is free but its other variations are not.


PlusNet's rates are listed in the Home Phone price list. 

As pierre_pierre has said:

03 numbers are charged in the same way as 01 and 02 (inclusive evenings and weekends or all day dependent upon your package)

0500 is free as is 0800

g21 rates are 4.89p/min daytime 2p/min evenings 1.18p/min weekends plus 4.5p connection charge (BT has a 6p connection charge)

Edit: To find the charge rate (g21, g22 etc.) you need to go to BT's price list first as this appears to be the only place to correlate the actual number to a rate code.


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