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Plusnet takeover of [] Brightview

« on 21/05/2008, 10:27 »
Hi forgive me if this isn't the place to post, as a new Plusnet broadband convert and first time poster Im still finding my feet!

My old ISP was Waitrose and I still use their email address to save notifying everyone I know.

My question is will the merger of the two ISP's affect my set-up at all, or confuse things being registered with both, also can I still continue to use the Waitrose email address?

Thanks for any clarity you can provide.

« Reply #1 on 21/05/2008, 10:30 »
Hi PGRGrandad,

This merger should have absolutely no impact on your current setup.

Your broadband and email account will continue to work in the same way that it always has done.
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« Reply #2 on 21/05/2008, 10:44 »
Hi PGRGrandad,

I'm probably in the same position as you, having moved from Waitrose PAYG dial-up to Plusnet broadband.

If you were on either monthly subscription or broadband with Waitrose, there are a couple of options. You can apply for a Justmail account with waitrose, which I have been told costs just 20 a year, or you could try to downgrade to PAYG. If you opt for the latter you will only need to log on to your account once every 35 days using dial-up to keep the address/account active.

There is a previous thread under 'Everything Internet' (If I knew how I would have added a link!)

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« Reply #3 on 21/05/2008, 10:57 »

There is a previous thread under 'Everything Internet' (If I knew how I would have added a link!)

plusnet extra
« Reply #4 on 21/05/2008, 11:30 »
Thanks guy's, that clears it up nicely.

I was on PAYG on Waitrose so I have had no problems switching. I have to say Plusnet is every bit as good as their awards indicate, my change over was virtually trouble free and they even activated my account 24 hours earlier than they had indicated, which was one in the eye for a friend of mine who said he hasn't met an ISP yet that switched you over when they said they would!

I started on Option 1, but knew within 48 hours that I needed Option 2, that change also went without a hitch, and I have two posible referals already.

I cant get over how addictive Broadband is, or how I put up with dial-up for the last 8 years.

Thanks again everyone.


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« Reply #5 on 21/05/2008, 16:15 »
Just to confirm that Waitrose WILL remove you e-mail address if you do not dial-in to their service. (Unlike PlusNet where you just have to collect your mail.)

I know this from personal experience.

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« Reply #6 on 21/05/2008, 18:01 »
I had the same sort of thing years ago with Freeserve.  Once I went on to Broadband I never used the dial-up account again, didn't even have a modem. 

Freeserve used to suspend your account after six months but if you went to their website you could re-enable it by accepting a .ins file. 

Instead of the open option for the .ins, which set up your dial-up account again, re-branded your browser, etc. I used to use the save option.  It still re-enabled the account without changing anything on my computer. 

Once done it was a simple case of deleting the .ins file. I kept it going this way for a couple of years but in the end the account got so spam-ridden I just let it go.

It might be worth checking if Waitrose do a similar thing.

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« Reply #7 on 21/05/2008, 18:11 »
Thanks for that chillypenguin, I have now taken steps to inform everybody in my address book that I have made the change. It seems silly really when the two companies are now one, and I still used as my Home Page, Oh well, their loss, Im certainly not giving up Plusnet now I have found them.
Regards Pete
Incidentally is there any way of changing my log in name other than a brand new registration? I cant find anything except changing Passwords.
 PS. to PD: I have disconnected my dial up modem and cant be bothered to reconnect once a month, so it doesn't really matter anymore, but thanks anyway for your suggestions. I still keep an address on another old ISP which seems to consist of nothing but spam with the occasional old contact popping up!
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