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Netgear DG834G sync light status....

« on 08/05/2007, 21:09 »
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has seen the situation where the WAN Sync LED on a DG834G (or, I guess, any similar Netgear router) just doesn't do anything after a re-boot - no orange or green, flashing or solid.... just permanently off.

The router is actually failing to sync with the exchange equipment after a re-boot, continually reporting that it's "connecting" then "negotiating", etc. A fault has been logged with Plusnet (having followed all required checks), and a BT engineer booked - but a concern is that the router's modem is borked. Unfortunately, I don't have any spare ADSL termination kit to replace/check with... (The rest of the router - Wired/Wireless Ethernet - is working fine...).

So - just after any suggestions from experience, as to whether it's more likely to be my router(/modem) - or the ADSL line/equipment....


Oh - and am I likely to get charged the BT fee (£150?) if it DOES turn out to be my router..Huh?
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« Reply #1 on 08/05/2007, 22:06 »
I take it that you've done the usual, swapping filters, connecting directly to the master socket....

After that's all done-

1. Do a complete factory reset and set your modem up from scratch again.

2. If that doesn't work, beg, borrow or steal another modem from somewhere.

BT can charge you if it does prove to be your equipment at fault.
« Reply #2 on 09/05/2007, 08:14 »
Thanks for the reply....

Yep - even before calling Plusnet, I'd isolated back to the Master socket, but problem persists. And whilst running through the fault wizard, I changed the filter...

Wondered about a reset to default - so have now done one, but exactly the same; no sync and apart from a short initial flash during boot, the sync LED stays off.

Guess I'd better pull out all the stops and try and source an alternative router later today....

  • James_H
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« Reply #3 on 09/05/2007, 08:14 »
Surely the WAN Sync light flashes when it attempts to sync, thus if its not flashing, its not attempting to sync, or its borked in some way....

I'd try very hard to get hold of an alternative router or modem to test with, BT will almost certainly charge you if they come out and find that its your router playing up, rather than a problem with the line.

If you can't borrow a router or modem from anybody, I'd suggest buying something to use to test with.

Either a USB modem (cheapest option probably) or another router.

If you buy a router, and it solves the problem, its money well spent. If not, you can always take it back, most large stores will accept a return. (Although you'll probably end up with store credit, so only really useful if there is something else you could spend the cash on in that store)

I've also heard good things about Netgear Support. In a few cases they've replaced the kit with no questions asked (without the need for receipts etc too) Could be worth giving them a call first.
  • markmaw
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« Reply #4 on 09/05/2007, 11:23 »
hello paksw, i had the same type of problem go and have a look here and see if it helps there is a link that helped me, and must say all been working fine.  Cool good luck
« Reply #5 on 09/05/2007, 14:39 »
@sallyandjames - I ended up grabbing another Netgear from the local "catalogue shop" today (30 day money back option.. ;-)) and that one is exhibiting exactly the same symptoms as my own router - no WAN sync LED at all. As far as I am aware, my own router automatically detected the WAN settings via the Netgear "wizard" (3 odd years ago...) - but when the new one ran the same wizard, it stated that it could not detect a WAN connection. I also manually set it to "VC Based", "VPI=0" & "VCI=38", and still no WAN LED. So I'm hoping that's conclusive that there's a line issue, and not a problem with my router... (I don't believe that I need to configure any more, just to get the WAN sync LED at least flashing - but opinions are welcome).

@markmaw - appreciate the response, but I've been running V3.01.25 firmware successfully for a year or so (syncing at 8128kbps, getting around 6500kbps throughput) - and I  must admit I prefer to run authorised firmware (never sure who's put what into unauthorised firmware). But it might still have to be an option if BT come back suggesting that there's nothing wrong with the line.....

One other thing - I know that WAN link problems can be caused by electrical interference. Some 4 weeks ago, some builder's "re-located" my BT master sockets to being right next to my electricity meter/Consumer Unit (instead of around 1m away). When I realised this, I immediately did a few checks - disconnect, re-connect WAN link to check sync speed; generally monitor stats like SNR, etc. But nothing showed up. Still synced at 8128kbps, never any loss of sync, etc. In fact, no issues at all, until this weekend - when after the router re-boot, no sync. And the phone line continues to work fine (e.g. no audible interference). The thing is - could BT insist that master socket is moved to being a certain distance from the Consumer Unit? (It's just that that might be a problem......)

  • James_H
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« Reply #6 on 09/05/2007, 15:57 »
BT might be upset about the master socket being moved - they own it, and only they have the right to move it.
IIRC there is a law preventing anybody not explicitly authorised by BT from moving their [BT's] master sockets.

On the positive side, the fact that you have tested two sets of hardware means you can now be confident that the problem is not one under your control.

I'd get BT to come out and take a look-see, it certainly sounds as if its a problem that they can diagnose/resolve for you.
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« Reply #7 on 09/05/2007, 16:09 »
Have you checked how the builders moved the socket. If they fitted a junction box on the original 2 wires that come into the building from BT then fitted an extension cable to where the socket is now I would check the wiring to make sure it looks OK.

Voice can still sometimes work with one of the two BT wires connected but ADSL won't.

http://www.wppltd.demon.c...lephone/uk_telephone.html explains the wiring if you are unsure but it does depend on whether the builders used the correct cable and coloured wires but in any case just follows the numbered connectors through.
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« Reply #8 on 09/05/2007, 22:37 »
O.K. - Neighbour finally returned, and I've successfully tested my own router on his line. No problems. Definitely not my equipment.

I understand what you're saying about BT and the master sockets. That's a bit of a concern.... But I do know that NO wires were cut - they just un-screwed the boxes from the wall, built a cupboard around the area, and left the boxes perched on top of the consumer unit that the cupboard was meant to "hide". But that does mean that they took the faceplates off - might have dislodged a wire. Given that they have already opened the boxes, I guess that there is no harm in opening them again and checking the wiring....

Still a bit concerned about the boxes being located so close to my mains electricity - but it didn't seem to affect my ADSL service when it was actually working..... BT are booked for tomorrow morning - here's hoping that they find and fix a fault at their end....

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« Reply #9 on 09/05/2007, 23:30 »
I don't know whether having the master socket that near the mains would cause a problem, but it could certainly be a factor. I have seen a few electrical problems causing interference (including an electric fence which a farmer had that ran just below the phone line outside his house and cut the broadband off whenever his sheep rubbed against it).

I'd have thought the engineer would be able to sort this.
Dave Tomlinson
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« Reply #10 on 10/05/2007, 15:33 »
.. I have seen a few electrical problems causing interference (including an electric fence which a farmer had that ran just below the phone line outside his house and cut the broadband off whenever his sheep rubbed against it)...

This was likely due to induced voltage into the phone line when current passes through the electric fence into the unsuspecting sheep (ouch!)

Hope the fault is now cleared and no charge (drum roll...) of course!
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« Reply #11 on 10/05/2007, 16:34 »
Yep, just to close this one off....  BT went straight to the exchange this morning after I described the fault over the phone to them, and they found that they were getting no carrier from the exchange card. The BT engineer sourced and replaced it within 1 hour, and I'm back working  Cheesy . And (I'm assuming) no charges coming my way.....

The engineer didn't even have to visit the house; so no "issues" with the master sockets having been "re-located" by the builders. Also for interest, my current sync is at 8128kbps (as it was before the fault) - so the close proximity (e.g. within 3 inches?) of the master sockets and the entire house wiring out the top of the Consumer Unit (from all 10 breakers & an RCD module!), doesn't seem to be adversely affecting my broadband at the moment..... I have "routerstats" monitoring sync speeds and noise margins, so we'll see.....

3.5 days from fault being reported; pretty good for the resolution of a local exchange hardware issue - so well done to Plusnet (support definitely back on track)....

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« Reply #12 on 11/05/2007, 08:11 »
Since BT found a fault with their kit - you won't get a charge for it.

Glad its working again so quickly - thats fast by anybody's measures!
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