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HotSpots - BT vs PlusNet

  • thgygax
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« on 30/09/2005, 18:32 »
As I understand it, PlusNet uses BT OpenZone hotspots.

However, the list on PlusNet's web site is significantly shorter than the one provided by BT.

Does this mean that I can no use all BT OpenZone spots, but only the ones listed by PlusNet? Or can I use all BT spots with a PlusNet subscription?
  • acarr
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« Reply #1 on 30/09/2005, 18:49 »
A PlusNet Wireless subscription allows you access to BT Openzone provided hotspots.

BT Openzone subscription provides access to the BT Openzone spots, and those of partners such as The Cloud.

Unfortunatly, you can't access your PlusNet subscription through BT Openzone partners this way.
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« Reply #2 on 30/09/2005, 19:52 »
Or to put it another way, the only place you can us your Plus.Net wireless is McDonalds restaurants.

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« Reply #3 on 01/10/2005, 00:49 »
And not many of them either. I couldn't find a single BT Openzone hotspot in Exeter, apart from in PC World.
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« Reply #4 on 08/10/2005, 15:40 »
Pity they can't replicate what they do in Eire, where you can get free 30 min access to Eircom Broadband at most McDonalds.

Its not publicised in any restaurants there we visited; you ask for a card with the user/password codes after you've bought something.

Some staff/branches had no idea about it however..and no cards.

You won't find easily on their website either surprisingly. :!:
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