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« on 16/05/2007, 21:27 »
I am trying to access my email using Mail2web as PlusNet have suggested.

I have tried it with my Btopenworld account - all OK. I have to enter my email address and password and I get my mail OK.

With my PlusNet account I can't get it to work.  I don't have any mail boxes set up so what email address do I enter? I have even tried but this won't work.

What email address should I use to get to my folders?
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« Reply #1 on 16/05/2007, 21:33 »
I suggest you use this URL:


User ID username+mailbox as usual

Protocol POP3

I don't use IMAP folders so I don't know if the IMAP option works with Plusnet
« Reply #2 on 16/05/2007, 22:16 »
Thanks for this but I don't have any mailboxes set up so if I just use my user name will I see all my emails?

When I try this I get login failure message.
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« Reply #3 on 16/05/2007, 22:19 »
It works fine for my default mailbox.

you are using:
<your portal password>

In the 3 boxes?
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« Reply #4 on 16/05/2007, 23:43 »
If you use it to send mail, you'll also need to edit the "from" address. You can do this on the create new message page.
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« Reply #5 on 17/05/2007, 08:10 »
<your portal password>

In the 3 boxes?

Just tried it today using settings above - all OK.

Thanks for your help.
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« Reply #6 on 17/05/2007, 08:55 »
As an alternative to I recommend UltraFunk Popcorn.

Its a light weight pop3 e-mail client, that can run off of a memory stick or floppy.

The latest version does come with an installer, but that just copies file to the program files directory, you can move them to where you want from there.

I find it great for support / testing mailboxes and servers, and deleting spam from servers.

It does not download or delete any mail unless you tell it to.

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