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Hey I just got a tax refund - NOT

« on 19/03/2014, 10:01 »
Got an email this morning from "HMRC Revenue&Customs"
Dear <email address>,
We have detected that you have paid too much tax in the past, due to an official error.
Therefore HMRC applied ESC B41 to issue a repayment for tax years which are now
out of date under the strict statute.
Please completely fill out the form above. Accurate information is necessary so that we
may process your request faster.

Now the form redirects to :- "<form action="hxxp://">" wonder why the gov is using them?  Grin

Been the first real spam message to get through the google servers for a while. Shocked
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« Reply #1 on 19/03/2014, 10:24 »
Yup - had a few of these this morning.
I find Signatures annoying .....
« Reply #2 on 24/03/2014, 21:43 »
I had one of those sent to outlook/Hotmail last week!
I am getting worse on back to my current book!
« Reply #3 on 25/03/2014, 20:56 »
Just for the removal of all doubt, HMRC will never contact anyone via e-mail, except in certain limited circumstances and only then by prior arrangement.
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