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BT Home Hub 5

« on 01/11/2013, 22:46 »
Mods feel free to move this if in wrong place .......

Has anyone managed to try out the bt home hub 5 on plusnets fttc service and how did the combined unit perform as im looking at purchasing one direct from the bt store but would like to know are there any pro's and con's IE are the sync stats viewable since it's a combined unit .
« Reply #1 on 03/11/2013, 00:48 »
Also how easy is to configure to work on plusnet if it's compatible ? .
« Reply #2 on 03/11/2013, 08:13 »
Not used the new BT hub 5, even tho i'm on BT

here is a guide on how to set up the hub, that I created on Plusnet.  It should work on hub 5 even though it is appointed to the earlier models,113872.0.html  (another thread)

exact same information but from library
« Reply #3 on 03/11/2013, 20:20 »
Anyone using this? I just bought one off ebay would like to know how it is.
« Reply #4 on 04/11/2013, 17:25 »
I'm in the process of getting the new hub 5 but near xmas time when the money starts to roll in from my bonus  Wink

So by the time I have one you would have probably set one up

I  am getting mine for 45 from BT (can't remember exact price but around that) I am an existing BT customer on infinity 2 (see my sig  Wink )
« Reply #5 on 04/11/2013, 18:42 »
Hopefully i get my bt home hub 5 tomorrow 129 from the bt store will post more detailed info and user experience on it once i have it all setup.
« Reply #6 on 04/11/2013, 18:58 »
Are you on plusnet?

« Reply #7 on 04/11/2013, 23:23 »
Yup im on plusnets unlimited fiber package.
« Reply #8 on 05/11/2013, 08:32 »
I'll hopefully be ordering one on in the next week or so so I'll give you my thoughts when I receive it.
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« Reply #9 on 05/11/2013, 16:02 »
I'm going to do the dirty trick by ringing BT to cancel unless I get their new hub free
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« Reply #10 on 05/11/2013, 21:44 »
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« Reply #11 on 05/11/2013, 21:57 »
Does anyone know if the home hub 5 has the broadcom chip.
« Reply #12 on 06/11/2013, 06:27 »
It does not.
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« Reply #13 on 06/11/2013, 07:21 »
I'm guessing it would have a faster chip than the Broadcom chip.

« Reply #14 on 06/11/2013, 20:59 »
Nope, faster is the wrong word. It is pretty much the same speed as the equivalent Broadcom chip, just uses different hardware (Lantiq CPU).
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« Reply #15 on 06/11/2013, 21:08 »
Thanks for your correction.

I've received an confirmation email saying my BT hub 5 has been dispatched or despatched (I don't know what the difference is between the 2 words) and should be with me on Friday 8th November.

I can't wait, anyone used it on FTTC? What is it like??
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