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Testers needed for Carrier Grade NAT

« Reply #16 on 13/01/2013, 18:31 »
Why not just give people IPV6 routers?

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« Reply #17 on 13/01/2013, 22:25 »
Because there is still an IPv4 Internet, and will be for some time. CG-NAT aims to prolong connectivity to it for both current and future customers until such time as everyone is running on IPv6.
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« Reply #18 on 14/01/2013, 16:33 »
Hi all, once again thank you Smiley We will be in touch shortly with usernames and more details etc.

@houlton23 - You're correct, there'll be no routing for clients sharing the same IP so no, they won't be able to talk to each other (though your own internal network will be unaffected).

@olorinhenderson - Likewise, very much interest here to see what does work and how Smiley

@vilefoxdemonofdoom - As Dave said in the initial post: "Even if the world switched on IPv6 today there would still be people and applications that don't work under IPv6, some games consoles for example. As such everyone will still need an IPv4 address for the foreseeable future."
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« Reply #19 on 14/01/2013, 17:32 »

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« Reply #20 on 14/01/2013, 23:25 »
Interesting post on the BE Usergroup on CGNAT

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« Reply #21 on 15/01/2013, 14:06 »
You're on The Register --

which is where I heard about it. I can give it a try - Plusnet username is friday00
« Reply #22 on 15/01/2013, 15:53 »
I'd be interested to try, although I guess that means my home-hosted website wouldn't work while logged in as a trialist
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« Reply #23 on 15/01/2013, 17:01 »
If they're only trialling this at the moment I suspect it is way too early to give any direction on the 'alternatives', not least in an uncertain future where it is difficult of not impossible to predict address availability.
« Reply #24 on 16/01/2013, 09:05 »
I would volunteer, but I assume this will screw up my son's Minecraft server... that aside Vitel has a point.

ISPs and customers might be better off confronting the problem head-on. The trouble with a bodge like this is that it will become an excuse not to fix it...
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« Reply #25 on 16/01/2013, 10:24 »
Moderators Note.

a new topic has been created for discussion of CGNAT, this is for volunteering only.
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« Reply #26 on 16/01/2013, 14:58 »
OK - I will volunteer - with serious reservations - so I may pull out early if Skype or teenager chat functions fail.  Cheesy
Are you able to say what the effect will be on a YouView digibox thing for my TV?
Will ping, traceroute etc continue to work?

My user name is moiety.

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« Reply #27 on 16/01/2013, 15:02 »
Are you able to say what the effect will be on a YouView digibox thing for my TV?
Shouldn't cause any issues as it doesn't need to act as a server AFAIK.
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« Reply #28 on 16/01/2013, 15:23 »
I'm currently using IPv6 via a 6 to 4 tunnel (endpoint agnostic), is there likely to be an issue with this via CGN?
I'm prepared to do a little testing to see if it breaks anything I currently use.
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« Reply #29 on 17/01/2013, 13:31 »
Ok after jelv's bullying Wink I'll give this ago. I've also thought of something that might affect FSX/VATSIM users that needs testing.

I have uPNP turned off on my router is that going to make any difference to the results? I assume there is no way the internal requests would make it further upstream so I'm guessing not.
« Reply #30 on 17/01/2013, 20:44 »
I'd like to help if there's still room.

« Reply #31 on 31/01/2013, 11:51 »
Everyone who's volunteered should have received details now. Shout up if you haven't.
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