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08456 numbers not included in free/inclusive calls

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« on 28/04/2012, 11:55 »
Plus Net same as BT?: Undecided

I understand that 08456 numbers are classed as indirect 0845 numbers, and chargeable even on inclusive

Though Plus Net is my ISP, phone services are BT, but I'd  assume Plus Net/others have same policy.

When I queried bill was told indirect no's are for example ISP dial ups/ Cheaper International call access numbers;
that's maybe understandable & easy to remember.

My call wasn't to either, but I believe some queries to Play Com Cust Service; as a Jersey based operation, this could
be why there was some form of internal route switching I imagine. But an 08456 prefix flagged nothing to me at time;
that 0845 at start, seemed all I needed; wrong! Cry

I wonder how many phone providers make it explicit that 08456 numbers are not classed as standard
0845 ones. To have a note in the small print as BT do, that indirect numbers aren't included, is far from clear to most subscribers
in my view.
« Reply #2 on 28/04/2012, 17:48 »
I had a quick look at PN, cant find any reference to that, but think it has been mentioned before
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« Reply #3 on 28/04/2012, 20:20 »
An Indirect access number is where you then have to dial another complete number (usually international) afterwards when you get a tone or message.
For example if you have bought a Calling card from a certain company and use this number 0845-034-1919 you then enter a pin number then the full international number 00 +country code +citycode and number followed by #. That's indirect access.

If however if you just dial 08456123123 (a made up number) and it goes straight to the called party, that is not indirect access, that is NTS (Number Translation Service) - because the 0845 number translates to another number located where-ever (usually in the UK).

Now, looking at BT's current Personal Ts&Cs here

Call Plans let you make inclusive calls at no extra charge at the following times:
Unlimited Weekend Plan    All day Saturday and Sunday
Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan    7.00pm 7.00am Monday Friday,
all day Saturday and Sunday
Unlimited Anytime Plan    All day, every day

All Call Plans feature:

    Calls to UK* local and national numbers at no additional charge. *UK means calls of up to an hour to Local and National numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03. Excluded calls include non-geographic numbers (e.g. 0871), Premium Rate services, operator-controlled calls, calls to the internet, information and paging services, local, national and all non-geographic numbers used to dial up ISP's, other non voice calls and calls to the Channel Islands.
    Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers of up to an hour (excluding indirect access numbers and dial-up Internet access). Fair use policy applies maximum 1,000 minutes or 150 calls a month. If either of these limits on inclusive calls is exceeded, BT will charge for these calls until further notice.

Similar things are said in the "Legal stuff" in the BT Tariff Guide here

* Unlimited UK landline calls are for up to an hour to numbers beginning 01, 02 & 03, after which pence-per-minute rates apply. You can hang up and redial before the end to avoid charges. There are exceptions like calls to the Channel Islands. See our terms and conditions for details.
Inclusive calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers. Inclusive 0845 and 0870 calls of up to 60 minutes duration (excluding indirect access numbers and dial-up internet access) available dependent on your Calling Plan: weekends only (with the Unlimited Weekend Plan), evening & weekends (with the Unlimited Evening & Weekend Plan), or any time (with the Unlimited Anytime Plan). Fair use policy applies max. 1,000 mins or 150 calls a month. If either of these limits on free calls is exceeded, BT will charge for these calls until further notice See Terms & Conditions for full details.

There is no mention in either of exclusion of 08456 numbers, so if it wasn't indirect access as I've described, or an ISP dial-up number, AND you made the call with your inclusive minutes period and you didn't exceed 60 minutes, then you have been incorrectly charged.

In addition The BT Price list refers to all 0845 numbers as "NGN local" (National Geographic Numbers - local) so outside of inclusive minutes are charged at 4.032ppm  daytime & 1.021ppm evenings and weekends (inc.vat) + current connection charge.

(For the record there are also Indirect Access Services on 1xxx numbers where you register for the service and pay that provider for the call, not your line rental provider).
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« Reply #4 on 28/04/2012, 21:04 »
Thanks for comments:
here is extract off my BT Bill:

08456042437  0845 charged
« Reply #5 on 30/04/2012, 13:01 »
Hi Gel, we maintain an 'exclusion list' of 0845 numbers which are chargeable to the customer. This list changes on an ad hoc basis and can be weekly so maintaining an accurate list on our website would be extremely difficult and time consuming.
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