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getting shafted by plusnet

« on 30/01/2012, 23:29 »
today I was disgusted and enraged to discover that plusnet are charging me 20p for a local landline call (to an 01 number) that is under one minute. And then they have the audacity to claim that they're cheaper than all the big 4!
I have never ever in my life paid more than 5p per minute for a local landline to landline call to an 01 number. I'm really annoyed about this and I'm considering dumping plusnet as soon as I can find another provider. Daylight robbers the lot of them and I've reported this to Ofcom

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« Reply #1 on 31/01/2012, 08:37 »
PlusNet's tariff here shows that daytime chargeable calls outside your plan are 7.5p/minute plus a 12.5p setup charge for each call.
As a comparison, BT's charges here are 7.95p/min with a setup charge of 13.1p. TalkTalk's charges seem to be similar
I agree 20p seems very expensive for a 1 minute local call but it seems that the Telco providers seem to be very similar in their charges.
What makes it expensive is the setup charge which is out of all proportion when making a short call.
These days, for short calls not covered by any plan ( e.g Evenings & Weekends ) , it actually can be cheaper to use a mobile, since they only charge by the 30 seconds usually. I actually use a Broadband Phone ( voip )  account to make daytime calls since that, again, only charges by the minute.
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« Reply #2 on 31/01/2012, 08:47 »
they have the audacity to claim that they're cheaper than all the big 4!
We are cheaper than the ISPs my colleague mentioned in his ticket response, they all have set up fees of at least 12.5p and then the lowest pence per minute of any of them is 7.6p.

Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the call charges, as MisterW has pointed out the charges are detailed on our website including the set up fees.
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« Reply #3 on 02/02/2012, 17:16 »
Well plusnet  I really thought when I changed my phone and broadband to you i was going to save money on my bill's. I have never since I started had the same amount each month it's always been higher then i could possibly imagine. So now I find myself leaving you and re joining talk talk who have offered a lot more in there service and are alot cheaper then yourself's. I wont be telling anybody to come to plusnet. It's a shame really as i really did look forward to staying with a company who save' s you money. Also broadband speed really bad . My friend has talk talk and his broadband runs between 10/11 and I'm lucky if I run at 8. A full album took me 3 hours to download. So I'm really looking forward to be with talk talk again....................................................................regard a very unhappy soon to be ex customer..

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« Reply #4 on 02/02/2012, 17:23 »
why is it that when i joined plusnet to save money my bill is never the same here is my payments to plusnet for a rubbish service and slow broadband . so this is what i have had to pay and the reason i'm going back to talk talk  Angry  Angry  Angry 
    £57.83   £0.00   19/01/2012   Fully Paid   Scheduled Payments
    £47.17   £0.00   19/12/2011   Fully Paid   Scheduled Payments
    £44.28   £0.00   19/11/2011   Fully Paid   Scheduled Payments
    £41.65   £0.00   19/10/2011   Fully Paid   Scheduled Payments   
   £-50.00   £0.00   06/07/2011   Credit Note   Account Credit Note
   £50.00   £0.00   06/07/2011   Fully Paid   MI: Part payment towards payment plan
   £126.98   £0.00   19/06/2011   Fully Paid   Scheduled Payments
   £20.35   £0.00   19/06/2011   Fully Paid   Outstanding Call Charges
   £11.60   £0.00   20/05/2011   Fully Paid   Talk Evenings & Weekends pro-rata charge
    £4.99   £0.00   05/05/2011   Fully Paid   Initial Charge
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« Reply #5 on 02/02/2012, 17:26 »
I'm sorry to see that you're unhappy with your service bomberman1720. 

I can see that the monthly bills have varied a lot due to call charges. Are you aware of how to check your itemised bill? if you check there I'm certain you will see what the cause of the charges is.

With regards to your connection speeds I'd advise contacting our support team or raise a fault here: I can see that you did this back in October and the issue was resolved so I'm certain that if you do this again we'll get it fixed again.


Adam Walker
Plusnet Customer Relations Team
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