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1  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: Change the Router on: 23/03/2012, 18:51
I'd reccommend first swapping the router, keeping the old filters, and if you're still getting disconnects swap the filters. If you're still having problems remove all extensions and phones and plug directly into the test socket (if you have one). If you still see disconnects then you should raise a fault. If you see an improvement in the test socket then you know its your internal wiring and/or extensions.

If it only rarely disconnects though I'm not sure if it'l be seen as a problem, unless its affecting you're service.

2  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Re: 80/20 FTTC Trial Open on: 17/03/2012, 20:05
Does anyone on the 37Mb profile get speeds faster than 37Mb?
I was moved onto the 37Mb profile and saw the same so Jojo put me back on the 20Mb profile and alls back to normal.
3  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Re: 80/20 FTTC Trial Open on: 16/03/2012, 18:29
Thanks for the update Adam. Thats cool, I was just checking it hadnt ended up in some courrier's hallway......
4  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Re: 80/20 FTTC Trial Open on: 16/03/2012, 13:08
I'm still pondering joining this trial.  I'm on a pretty sweet deal at the moment due to participation in the previous FTTC trial and I'd have to give that up to try this would could leave me paying about 10 extra/month even if the 80/20 does not bring any benefit.  Is there any reliable way of getting an estimate of what the line would support before I take the plunge?  I currently get about 37/8.

It has been said a few times that at the end of the trial you can either opt for 80/20 or revert to exactly the same deal and speeds as you had before, so it seems you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
I'm afraid you would lose your sweet deal if you decided to participate. If you read my previous posts in this thread I asked this myself and was told I first would have to upgrade, and if I decided to quit the trial I would be left with a current fibre package and not the deal I was on.

edit Mr whale beat me to it
5  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: Security of Powerline Adapters - encryption needed on: 15/03/2012, 19:55
Now that is interesting! I dont know a great deal about homeplugs, but, does that not suggest that Dave and his neighbourgh's wiring are somehow connected?
6  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Re: 80/20 FTTC Trial Open on: 14/03/2012, 18:33
Anyone at PN towers know where my routers got to? I was under the impression (after it being delayed) it'd be with me on Monday.  Undecided
7  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: Bt speedtester not working for me. :( on: 08/03/2012, 21:01
Strangely enough along with two others that had the same issue when we applied to go on the 80/20 fibre trial the BT speedtester burst into life.

I was one of those but I cant for the life of me suggest how or why going onto the trial fixed this for the few of us in the same situation, but it definately did. As soon as I got the message confirming it would go live by morning, the speed tester was working Undecided.

Maybe looking into the process could find an easy fix? (For those of us that reported the error right after the changes to the tester)
8  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: Netgear N150, firmware and VPN on: 06/03/2012, 18:53
I've never used VPNs but I dont rate the latest firmware for the netgear at all. I had nothing but problems with it and ended up rolling back to version that came on it (and unchecking auto update). Since then its worked perfectly again. If you do a quick search, theres a couple of threads regarding the netgear and its flakey new firmware, and steps on how to roll it back if you'd like to try.

Oh and of course, welcome to the forum!
9  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Re: Current Line speed changed on: 06/03/2012, 18:28
Thankyou Jojo, top CS as ever Smiley
10  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: When i get Fibre Optic ???? will the speed be more consistent ? on: 05/03/2012, 21:25
I'd like to agree with Matt here, the complainers are always louder. I have no idea where my cab is, but my exchange is a couple of miles away and I'm currently synced around 75Mb down and I get 16Mb up. I cant yet comment on the full capability of my line at present, but when I had 40/10 it was rock solid, with the only disconnects being due to myself or a dodgey updated firmware on the supplied netgear. With regards to consistancy, it was mostly running at full speed (with the pro add on) all the time.

Now with you being only meters from the cab, and the cab being only meters from the exchange, I'd expect to see the same at the very least and lower ping times.
11  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Current Line speed changed on: 05/03/2012, 20:37
Could someone please check this for me. It seems that over the weekend it has been changed from the essentially unlimited 20Mb profile to the now limited 37Mb profile. This of course is annoying when I'm synced above 75Mb.

12  Plusnet Trials / Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) / Re: 80/20 FTTC Trial Open on: 29/02/2012, 19:07
Hows everyone finding the WiFI performance on the netgear? I've been running tests on my old, wired XP machine and also my current Vista machine which is wireless (n150 mode). I expected the XP machine to suffer without configuring (as per old jims posts) but have found the results to be far higher and more consistant. Do bear in mind that the WiFi on the vista machine covers about 2 meters and goes through a plaster board wall.

Vista WiFi - speedtest.net it averages between 30 and 40Mbs, bt speed tester anything between 4 and 40Mbs
XP wired -  speedtest.net it averages between 40 and 65Mbs, bt speedtester it averages between 65 and 70Mbs
The upload on both is consistant at 15Mbs and I have IP profiles of 75.33Mbs down and 20Mbs up.

I'm hoping this is just a bottleneck on the WiFi and not the machine, which although has better hardware, doesnt "feel as snappy" as the old XP machine. Hopefully the WiFi on the new router I'm waiting for can improve things as I'm not entirely sure if the ethernet port on my vista m/b works, I guess I should really test it and see....

Edit Wow so I just tried it on the vista machine wired (took much faffing, turns out the drivers for the network card were years out of date) and got this. The pings high but I get higher throughput results from the London servers.

Very pleased considering I have no idea how close, or even where my cab is!

13  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: FTTC Modem Change on: 29/02/2012, 18:31
I had mine changed yesterday but the engineer refused to change the PSU, saying it wasn't necessary, and reckoned he didn't have one anyway  Angry
14  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: BT Speedtester Changes on: 28/02/2012, 19:05
The speed testers working for me now (and measuring my throughput higher than it ever has before). I'm guessing that its because I recieved confirmation for the 80/20 trial this afternoon and somethings changed.
15  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: FTTC Modem Change on: 27/02/2012, 18:23
After waiting nearly a week for my details to work on the website I gave up and rang them. Two minutes later and I now have an engineer booked for tomorrow evening  Smiley
16  Help and Support / ADSL / Re: FTTC Modem Change on: 24/02/2012, 18:49
I'm still getting the same error, you dont think this has anything to do with BT's database of numbers do you? seems strange that http://speedtester.bt.com/, http://windows.mouselike..../be/?DoAction=BrasChecker and http://kelly.co.uk/bookings wont work for my number? anyone else seing similar?
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