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Wordpress + Plusnet

« on 12/10/2011, 15:56 »

Hello folks - trying to install wordpress on our plusnet account and so far nothing.

I followed this:,85127.0.html

But still nothing...

Ran this script (i think):,84349.0.html

Still nothing... when i try to install wordpress it downloads the install.php file.

I wish there was a numpties way to install wordpress on this hosting - straight forward with previous hosts.

Any help welcome.
« Reply #1 on 12/10/2011, 16:31 »
Hi aiao,

It looks like you've uploaded it to your standard webspace rather than your CGI webspace.

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« Reply #2 on 13/10/2011, 12:04 »
Hi Jojo

The CGI Script?

Still no joy.     

When I go to  all it does is download the install.php file.

« Reply #3 on 13/10/2011, 12:21 »
Did you upload it to or
« Reply #4 on 13/10/2011, 12:27 »
« Reply #5 on 13/10/2011, 12:32 »
ok this is starting to make sense now...

Looked on:

Where do i find my username and password for the
« Reply #6 on 13/10/2011, 12:36 »
I think most of my problems are down to PlusNet not sending me the emails once the CGI was set up months ago.

Hopefully I can get this sorted out now I know roughly what I'm doing.

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« Reply #7 on 13/10/2011, 12:37 »
I recently asked for a reset of my CGI space and after a couple of prompts I eventually got fresh login details.
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« Reply #8 on 13/10/2011, 12:47 »
That URL is the website address. The next table on that help page tells you the address you should upload (FTP) scripts to. The username and password to use are the ones you used to log into the Member Centre at the time you activated your ccgi webspace,
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