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Setting up email account on Samsung Galaxy S2

« on 16/07/2011, 17:59 »
I have a  Samsung Galaxy S2. I have tried and tried to set it up to receive emails from my plusnet account, with no joy.  Can anyone give me a step by step instruction on setting my phone up. Thank you. Anyone... HELP!!! Smiley
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« Reply #1 on 16/07/2011, 23:47 »
Do the instructions given in this post work for you?

Note that some mobile service providers block outgoing mail sent via external relays on port 25. Using their own relay is necessary in this case (or a third party one which allows a different port to be used, eg gmail).
« Reply #2 on 17/07/2011, 09:01 »
I've got the same phone.  Great phone.  Have you looked at the Samsung online instructions?  I set mine up by following their instructions.  Look at page 53 in the instructions.

Samsung Galaxy S2
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« Reply #3 on 18/07/2011, 11:12 »
 I have a samsung galaxy s2 smart phone but have tried unsuccessfully  to get my plus net e mail account on it.  Have tried many different ways.  Can anyone help, please?
« Reply #4 on 18/07/2011, 12:35 »
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« Reply #5 on 19/07/2011, 09:18 »
Hi magpieant,

If you use the settings on this page here: (click at the top of the page where it says 'I just want to see the email settings') along with the guide that artmo posted above (here: you should be able to get everything working.

Hope that helps,
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« Reply #6 on 19/07/2011, 17:54 »
I also cant set my email account up on Samsung Galaxy. Have you managed it yet? If so, how??
« Reply #7 on 19/07/2011, 17:58 »
I cant set up my email account either. Has anyone given you the definitive answer which has done the trick?
« Reply #8 on 19/07/2011, 18:21 »
Go into applications and select email. Touch the left hand button at the bottom of the screen and on the pop-up menu touch 'more'. Another menu pops up and select Account settings.

You should then be able to enter your Plusnet account details and server settings to complete the operation.

On the server settings I've used:  incoming server settings POP3 server using port 110 and outgoing server setting using port 25.

Hope this helps.
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