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password for plusnet wireless network

« on 26/12/2010, 00:54 »
I am having trouble trying to connect my kindle to my plusnet wifi network. when i am asked for my wifi network password, I have tried entering the router access key, wireless key and serial number, all to no avail. Any idea where can I find the network's password? Sad
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« Reply #1 on 26/12/2010, 01:56 »
Assuming you have a Plusnet TG585,

log into the router from your browser,
click Home Network on the left,
click WLAN under Wireless in the centre of the screen,
click Details top right.

The SSID is shown in the top section and the WPA-PSK Preshared Key in the bottom part.
Some devices don't like long SSIDs. If yours is a long one you could try shortening it which you can do by clicking Configure top right, and changing it as required (but don't leave any spaces).

If you change this remember to click Apply at the bottom of the Configure screen.
« Reply #2 on 26/12/2010, 14:42 »
help, santa bought me a kindle and i cant connect t my wifi. it finds the plusnet network but asks me for the password. I have read this answer give here but still dont understand. Can anybody simplyfy this problem for me, I thought it would be so easy......
« Reply #3 on 26/12/2010, 15:31 »
If its a speedtouch router read the lable on the underside of the router WPA PSK number

If you put the router on the most secure code for wireless protection go in to the router and scan for wireless devices enter the code on the kindle and it will register.  Some speedtouch routers loose the connection for a few seconds after doing this but will reconnect with the kindle

you can still use the same code (WPA PSK)if you use wpa2 setup

ps speedtouch routers 585 v8 are having problems with wireless setup
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« Reply #4 on 27/12/2010, 10:30 »

As Jill says you might want to upgrade to the latest firmware ( ) for your TG585v8 if you are still having difficulty with your wireless conneciton.

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