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IPad and Email Setup

« on 06/09/2010, 10:14 »
Morning all, just a quick question someone might know the answer to, Iím having problems linking my Ipad to my plusnet email account I have setup my email on many laptops and smart phones many times before but for some reason just getting no joy on my ipad.

When setting up I get the option to use imap or pop and use the following

Trying with imap:
Username: account+mailbox
Password ******

Username: account
Password: *****

When using these settings the ipad goes to verifying and comes back with an error asking to retry without using SSL, I click yes and it tries again at this point it just hangs for a good 5 Ė 10 minutes and times out.

Using POP:
Username: account+mailbox
Password: *****

Username: account
Password: ******

Again it tries verifying the account comes back with retry using SSL and again when trying this it hangs for a good amount of time and times out, canít see any real error messages that give me much to go on, certainly account, mailbox and passwords are ok as I have been through this process many times over the years I have been with plusnet.
Anyone else with an ipad have similar issues? or anyone know where I could be going wrong, the Ipad is actually the first apple product I have owned so I could well be doing something wrong.


« Reply #1 on 06/09/2010, 12:35 »
I haven't got an iPad ( or iPhone ) but there is setup guide for the iPhone here and I would guess its similar to the iPad.
Hope that helps.
« Reply #2 on 07/09/2010, 10:44 »
MRussell - I am having exactly the same problems.  Can received email OK (using POP), but unable to send.  Returns the following error message:

"Cannot Send Mail - The conntection to the outgoing server "" failed.  Additional Outgoing Mail Servers can be configured in Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendars".

Similarly, I have successfully configured notebooks and iphones in the past.   Have double checked username / password / server details - but still not joy.

Have 'even' resorted to trying restarting the ipad couple of time to see if that made any difference - but alas no.

So similarly, any assistance greatly received.

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« Reply #3 on 07/09/2010, 10:51 »
outgoing server "" failed. 

Welcome to the forum MBBude.

Is the 'replay' in the quote above a typo?
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« Reply #4 on 07/09/2010, 11:46 »
Strat - yes, typo.  Should read  "", not "".

« Reply #5 on 07/09/2010, 16:37 »
I'll see if I can test this tonight.
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« Reply #6 on 07/09/2010, 22:43 »
Tested fine on both IMAP and POP. Got time outs on SSL as expected but it then set up fine after a couple of minutes.
Posts made before June 14th 2014 were from staff viewpoint, now I'm a customer Smiley
« Reply #7 on 20/08/2011, 11:26 »
Stating what someone said before, but slightly differently:

The problem we found is that to set up POP you enter on the iPad
User: account+name
password: for the email account for that specific name
to set up SMTP
User: account
password: for the whole account

This is different from setting up PCs and not logical, but it works.
« Reply #8 on 20/08/2011, 12:00 »
Different in which way? Servers, account names and passwords are the same no matter if a PC, touch or an ipad is used.
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