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transfer broadband to new computer?

« on 05/12/2009, 19:19 »
Hi I am thinking of getting a new computer and I know this is a dumb question but how do I transfer the broadband to my new computer I still have the set up disc from when I connected to plusnet in 05 do I just load this?? thanks ajay
« Reply #1 on 05/12/2009, 20:25 »
There is no set-up disk.

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« Reply #2 on 05/12/2009, 20:38 »
Could be if it's a USB modem.

What make & model is the box that connects your PC to the filter in the phone socket?
« Reply #3 on 05/12/2009, 21:56 »
Maybe add a new router then, USB modems are inferior to a connections directly into the PC's Ethernet port which is on the vast majority of new PC's if not all.

 - then as Taxi... says - you just plug the Ethernet cable from PC to router, and run the Windows network set up .

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« Reply #4 on 05/12/2009, 22:12 »
Two things.
If you intend to stay with Plusnet you could get a router for the cost of the postage
A new computer will come with Windows 7 and it will find the router automatically and I think that the Plusnet router is preconfigured and will automatically connect
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« Reply #5 on 05/12/2009, 22:24 »
@ajay It's not a dumb question. Smiley
If you don't know, you ask and in here's one of the best places to do so Smiley
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« Reply #6 on 05/12/2009, 23:43 »
the Plusnet router is preconfigured and will automatically connect

Yes - they do have this easy set up feature

Some of us here were part of the trials before it went live - it works well .

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« Reply #7 on 06/12/2009, 02:41 »
It doesn't need a special pre-configuration.
Routers include a friendly web interface for configuration purposes (a router contains its own processor and memory etc).
It also contains a firewall, to help protect PC's with flabby security. Cheesy

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« Reply #8 on 06/12/2009, 10:19 »
Ajay, not to beat about the bush:

If you have a router then no set-up is required - just connect a cable from your router to the new computer

If you have a modem (or any other device that uses a USB connector) then you are faced with some difficulty.  A disk supplied in 2005 will not have suitable USB drivers for a new computer.

If you don't know whether it's a modem or a router post whatever part number it has and we will tell you.
« Reply #9 on 08/12/2009, 15:03 »
Thanks for all the help, I have raised a the question with tech support and my old router is not compatible with windows 7 so , I am waiting for a new router, hope it comes soon as the new computer is raring to go !! ajay
« Reply #10 on 08/12/2009, 15:05 »
Then it wasn't a router.
It was some bit of cheap USB junk. Cheesy

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« Reply #11 on 08/12/2009, 15:12 »
router was supplied by plusnet in 2005 Huh? hope the new one they supply  wont be judged as badly ?? ajay
« Reply #12 on 08/12/2009, 15:31 »
Technology moves on apace. Broadband 4 or 5 years ago was very different to now.

It almost certainly isn't actually a router as modern PC's will talk happily to almost any router.
It's more likely to be an ADSL modem with a USB connection to the PC.

In January 2005 I was still on a fixed 512kbps ADSL connection with a USB device, now I'm running a Netgear router on a 21mbps ADSL2+ line. 40 times faster downloads!
« Reply #13 on 08/12/2009, 15:38 »
I had broadband (512 kbps) Cheesy in 2001 Smiley
This was before I'd ever heard of USB - I had a 1 port (ethernet) router.

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