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Thomson TG 585 v7 Wireless Problem

« on 23/11/2009, 21:09 »
Wondering if anybody else has had this problem and if so how was it remedied?

I had Plusnet activated last thursday and I haven't had any problems until today.

I have been connected to the Thomson TG585 v7 router wirelessly since the internet was activated but today I lost connectivity. Thinking it just needed a restart I turned it off and on again but its still not connecting to any of the wireless devices in my house. My laptop can tell me that the network is available but when it comes to connecting, i give it my WPA Key and it doesn't get any further than saying "Waiting for network". Any ideas? It's almost like it's not accepting the WPA key but i've double checked a lot and i've definatley got the right key in. It connects fine through the ethernet cable its just the wireless. any help would be appreciated.
« Reply #1 on 23/11/2009, 22:12 »
have you tried re inputting the wireless settings on the router and saving why your connected by ethernet to make sure your entering the passpharse on your comptuer
« Reply #2 on 23/11/2009, 22:57 »
Yeah mate i've done that. The ethernet is connected to a desktop computer in the house and i've checked the settings but still no luck in wirelessly connecting.
« Reply #3 on 05/01/2010, 19:21 »
I have exactly the same problem. Received the Thompson router yesterday, set up fine when connecting through Ethernet. My desktop recognises the wireless network, but when I enter my network / wireless key, nothing happens, it just keeps saying the same as what you said.

Tried connecting with my laptop and I had seperate issue, my laptop gave my a device password to enter into my router to allow my laptop to connect. Trouble is when I go into router I can't find anywhere to input this password to connect my device. Also the router doesn't see my laptop to recognise it's there.

Did you get your issue fixed? And can anyone help on my 2nd issue? I think on the first as my desktop is 4 years old it may be a problem with the wireless network card?Huh?

Thanks in advance.
« Reply #4 on 05/01/2010, 19:25 »
the password is already in the router, you have to enter it into the PC.   What operating system?
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« Reply #5 on 05/01/2010, 19:30 »
Hi Pierre, my laptop is Vista giving me device password to enter into router. My desktop is XP Media Edition, not doing anything after I enter network key.

« Reply #6 on 05/01/2010, 20:21 »
I suspect you are mixing up two things.
When you try to do certain things in the router it asks for the username and password -- I think that is admin and admin -- and is nothing to do with the laptop connecting wirelessly to the router where you will need to put in the network key which is preset for WPA.-PSK key
Have you tried following this http://www.plus.net/suppo.../hardware/t585v7new.shtml
Note does the wireless adapter in your PC support WPA or only WEP encryption
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« Reply #7 on 05/01/2010, 20:55 »
update... I've fixed second issue on m laptop - realised I had PROset wifi connection utility running, had to disable and use Windows to connect, which then allowed me to connect normally by just entering network key and it was fine. As earlier threads mentioned PROset is just being unecessarily complicated.

I will try checking my desktops security i.e. can only do WEP as you suggest.

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« Reply #8 on 05/01/2010, 20:56 »
Hmm, is the wireless channel set to Automatic by any chance? If so try setting the channel manually. The Thomson might have decided to use another wireless channel you see.

You may have to go through all channels to see which one works - in the past I've had equipment that just would not associate on certain channels, despite being able to see the wireless network Huh?
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« Reply #9 on 05/01/2010, 22:23 »

Have you followed this advise :

   1. Make sure that your computer's wireless adapter is installed and working properly
   2. On your computer do a scan for available networks
   3. Find PlusnetWireless on the list and connect to it
   4. You'll be asked to enter the wireless security key (or passphrase). Use the WPA-PSK key shown on the bottom of the router. It's 10 characters long and the letters are CAPITALISED
   5. Your computer is now connected to the network. Move onto the next section, Connecting to the Internet

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« Reply #10 on 06/01/2010, 07:39 »
the password should be all caps, now to answer the same question on the other thread
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« Reply #11 on 06/01/2010, 20:47 »
Thanks for help all sorted, my desktop being 4 years old didn't have WPA / WPA2 as an option on my encyption drop down list so is only compatible with WEP encrption, I changed it to WEP on router as well and it connected! Then had to change to WEP on laptops as well of course. In the end I went back to WPA2 as one of the laptops in the house had a problem connecting to WEP and decided the desktop having only ethernet cable connection is sufficient anyway as doesn't need to be mobile.

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