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DLink DWA-111 USB wirelss dongle works in vista, not xp!...

« on 20/12/2007, 13:23 »
Hi All.

Got me a dlink router and usb wifi adapter kit after a recent housemove.  The router works well and flawlessly.  The usb dongle though, does not (DWA-111).
I get a good reception if I use it on my machine, (dual booted Vista Ultimate and XP pro sp2), using vista and the internet performs very well.
However, booting into XP and the dongle wont even install.  XP picks up the drivers on the disk in the correct folder, but insists that the driver is corrupt or missing.
The Dlink website only has a driver download that is the same as the one on the cd. Even this doesnt work.
I know the dongle isnt faulty, it works in vista.
the cd isnt faulty as the downloaded drivers wont work.
The kit was bought from Currys, so I guess its been bought by a lot of people, so an XP problem with the drivers should at least show up on the Dlink website.

Anyone else had this problem, or can anyone advise me what to try next?

NB. I have not YET got the pc wired to the router, as the house has only one telephone point, (downstairs), and the pc is upstairs. In the new year, I shall be cabling a telephone ext upstairs to the computer room.


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« Reply #1 on 20/12/2007, 23:33 »
The main thing is to install the drivers before you plug the dongle in if you plug it in before the drivers xp trys to install its own wrong drivers.

If this is what you have done remove the drivers reboot and install the cd then reboot and plug the device in.
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